Malay & Avi are Shocked! Vishkanya 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Malay & Avi are Shocked! Vishkanya 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Laila was just about to bite the Avi on his neck but Apu came there and Avi get up. Later, Malay follows Apu and Laila thinks Apu interrupted her in her dinner. All of them sits in the car and leave from there. On the way, Apu asked Malay to stop the car as she needs to go to the washroom. Apu asked Laila to company her.


Laila follows her and they went out of the car. On the other side, Nandita was trying hard to escape from Mandira but Mandira strangulates her neck. Meanwhile, bell rings and Kumkum were there. Mandira thinks Kumkum must not know anything about this. Kumkum started ringing the house door and Nandita rushes to open the door but Mandira caught her and kills her.

Then, Kumkum remembers that the keys of the house are in her bag itself and she opens the gates and shouted by taking the name of Nandita.

On the other side, Apu takes the Laila into her tree. Then, Apu removes her Neem Mala and turns into her real form of Vishwakanya and strangulates Laila’s neck. Laila pushes her and told her that she cannot kill her. Apu says Laila you cannot be killed by getting poison but I will burn the tree and you will die.

Meanwhile, Avi and Malay came there and Laila started acting. She told Malay that She want to kill me by burning the tree. Malay asked Apu why turned into Vishwakanya avatar and why she want to kill Laila? Apu told him that she will not let evil lives in her house and will never let her marry Avi.

Then, she snatched the torch from Malay and burned the tree. Laila also burned with tree and vanished. Apu informs Malay and Avi that Laila was a Yakshini Chudail and Mandira is also a chudail.


In the upcoming episode, Avi will tell the family that Laila was yakshini and asked Mandira how she did not know about Laila since she was with Laila since childhood. Apu will pray to God to help her in this dilemma to choose between her mother and love.