Malay Loves Vardaan! Vishkanya 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Malay Loves Vardaan! Vishkanya 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last week episode of the TV series Vishkanya begins with Malay and Apu’s marriage rituals going on and Pandit asked Malay to do the wedding rituals and he also asked to Apu to put something on the Havan. Apu did this to but when blood comes and fall over the Havan from her injured hands it is actually fire increased.

Malay Loves Vardaan! Vishkanya

Kalpana became upset and worried to see Apu and she rushes towards her. Kalpana rushes to Apu as now if her wound will be get hurt then it will be turn blue. So Kalpana first aid the Apu’s wound and bring her to the wedding ceremony.

Now Apu is sitting next to Malay and Malay her to speak the truth but Kalapana intervenes and said what truth is. Pandit said that now it’s time to do the Gath Bandhan. Malay looks at Vardaan and Pandit asks to do the Pheras.

Kalpana arrives in window and shocked to see that Nandita and Kumud arrive with Kasturi. She became anxious. Malay performs Pheras sadly. Apu thinks about the even in which somebody mixes some powder in Malay’s soup.

Kalapana challenges to Nandita that whether she will bring Kasturi but she can’t ruin this wedding as anyhow the wedding is going to happen. Somehow she feels that Malay can break his wedding with Apu so she rushes to Malay and scolded her. Malay found Kalpana to be sceptical as he never thinks to break his wedding with Apu so he wonders why Kalpana aunty thinks like that.

But Malay actually somehow eventually break his wedding with Apu which makes Kalpana angry on him and she said that he should be ashamed of what he did to see that Apu said that we love each other but Vardan loves Malay. Apu said that it is actually now Malay just cancels the wedding.

Precap: Malay tells Vardaan he thinks Apu cancelled marriage as there should be some goal for it. Vardaan says whatever it is, Apu loves Malay a lot.