Apu scratches mandira face! Vishkanya Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani 16th September 2016 Written Updates

Apu scratches mandira face! Vishkanya Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani 16th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Mandira asking Apu to sit in the car if she wants to meet her mom. Apu somehow called Malay on his cell phone. Malay waked up and asked Apu to keep her phone on, so he can hear the conversation of Mandira and Apu.


Apu wiped out the blue color from his body and listened to the conversation of Apu and Mandira. Apu realizes that Mandira is a black smoke who killed real Mandira, Chikki, and Nandita. Later, told Apu that he has exchanged something in Mandira’s room and asked Apu to keep her phone on so that he can know where fake Mandira is taking her.

Mandira was driving the car, and Apu was telling the address to Malay. And, according to the address, Malay was following Mandira’s car. Later, Mandira realizes that something is wrong and she cheks the purse and found a cell phone with Malay’s call was active. He soon realized that Malay is alive.

Mandira took Apu to a hospital where Kalpana was kept. Few goons tried to stop Apu, but she removed her neem anklet and changed into Vishkanya avatar, and all the goons ran away from there.

Kalpana heard Apu’s voice, and she frees herself and ran from there and saw Apu. But, Mandira caught her and threatened her to kill her. Apu told Mandira that she would be finished today.

Mandira started strangulating Apu’s throat. Malay reached the hospital and tried to burn the door. But, matchstick falls in the water. Later, he found a Kerosene bottle and burned the door.

Malay recalls Apu’s word that to kill an evil spirit; it needs to stab her with the knife. Malay picks up the knife and runs towards Mandira.


In the upcoming episode, Apu will scratch Mandira’s face. Mandira will say If; I will die then Vishkanya will die too. Apu says I am ready to die, to finish black smoke today.