Final Episode Appu Marry Malay! Vishkanya 20th September 2016 Written Updates

Final Episode Appu Marry Malay! Vishkanya 20th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last and final episode of the supernatural TV series “Vishkanya – Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani” begins with Kala Saya aka Mandira asked Appu that she is a Vishkanya so she has no right to live with the human in this world. Appu turn blue now with teary eyes and Kala Saya is keep torturing her.


Mandira also asked Appu that by using her she is going to have an eternal beauty on the other Malay is keep trying his best to save Appu from the Kala Saya. He also recalled when Appu and he went intimate Appu asked to him that if ever anybody locks with Kala Saya then the door can be the break with fire.

Kalpana is keep crying on seeing that the Kala Saya is keep torturing Appu as she is Vishkanya. But Appu asked to her that for being showing humanity you do not need to be human and she also fighting with Mandira aka Kala Saya.

Mandira asked Appu that I will finish you today and Appu asked Mandira that being a right person in the right path a negative force Kala Saya can’t defeat her. In the mean time, Malay managed to enter there to save Appu and he shocked to see that Appu is busy fighting with Mandira.

Suddenly a massive fire takes place there and Kalpana broke down in tears thinking that Appu is burnt now Malay also screams to see that Appu is alive and actually she finishes Kala Saya. Appu now thinks to move to Himalaya as by staying here she now doesn’t want to disturb Malay.

Malay doesn’t want Appu to go to Himalaya but she said she will be going there as well Maa will be also going to the Ghosh Baadi. The Sadhu asked Malay that Appu is now Vish Mukht and she became actually Vishkanya to finish the evil spirit Kala Saya.

Malay, Appu, and Kalpana too happy to know so Malay proposed her to marry him, Appu gives the nod and she ties knot with him in a grand wedding ceremony.