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Happy Vishu Kani 2019 Wishes Quotes Messages Sms Whatsapp Status Dp Images :- Keralites across the globe rejoice the Hindu new year, which is known as Vishu and the celebration of the festival is done on 14 April usually and this year the day Vishu come on the day Friday. This one is known as Vishu Kani means New Year celebration at the Kerala, this festival is known as Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab and Pahela Baishakh or Poila Baishakh in West Bengal.

The day begins with Vishukkani, means on this day the Keralite people collects the stuff which they will first see in the morning. So it is very important for the Hindus of Kerala to see only god things at the day of Vishu and only happiness they need to spread on this day.

So as per tradition, if a person sees joyful things as Kani on Vishu day, then in the New Year they are going to have happy and pleasant experiences.

The Vishukkani arrangement means the collection of the food items including, rice, lemon, coconut, jackfruit, cucumber, kajal, a recent, Cassia fistula flower (kanikonna), betel leaves, valkannadi (mirror), religious books, lighted oil lamp, coins.After the collections of the food items will be done now people need to decorate Lord Krishna statue, which is done by the Kerallite women a day before Vishu.

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On the day of Vishu in the morning, the family appear in the front of the elder people in the blind fold where the elder member give them Vishukodi (new dress) and Vishu kaineetam (money).

Another crucial custom of the Vishu is the grand sadya (feast) which is serving a grand lunch during Onam festival. Apart from this, Vishu kanji (made of rice, spices and coconut milk) and Vishu katta (made from freshly harvested rice powder, coconut milk and jaggery) these are the special dishes enjoy by the people of Kerala on this festival.

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In the evening people stay busy in bursting fire crackers only to celebrate Vishu where the family also come together. The festival Vishu also marked as the solar cycle of the Hindu calendar which indicates the first day of the New Year for Malayali Hindus.

Vishu started on the first day of the month called Medam in the Hindu calendar. People from Kerala decorate a tray of fruits, vegetables and flowers and the golden flower, which is known as the Indian laburnum (Kani Konna). Vishu 2017 falls on April 14, so people can wish their friends and family on the day of Vishu via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media quotes and status.

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As We celebrate another Vishu…
And see vishukani with fresh hope…
and spirit“0n>a prosperous Year…
I wish”0n> to an id=”IL_AD2″ class=”IL_AD”>a happy new year…
Filled with happiness and success…Have a great Vishu !!

Start the year with the smile….
Celebrate with the family and share the memories…..
Cherish the experience and treasure it….
Let the happy moments be your inspiration
in life throughout the year…..**Happy vishu***

Let us welcome this Vishu with great hope…
eagerness and anticipation….
Let us look forward to a plentiful year of joy…
satisfaction, peace and prosperity….Happy Vishu 2017!

Orupidi konapoovum… Vishu kaniyum…. Vishu kainetavumayi…. Veendum Meda masam pularunu…. Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum… snehathinteyum pradekamaya…. ***Vishu Ashamsakal****

Pularkkaalathinte nairmalyavum puthuvarshathinte…..
pratheekshakalumaay veendumoru vishukkaalam……
Ellavarkkum puthu pratheekshayude puthunarvinte…..
**vishu aasamsakal**

Vishu often coincides with the harvest festival of Vaisakhi which is celebrated in the Punjab and North India in lavishly. Most young people eagerly await Vishu as the day is also importance for sharing gifts with each other which bring huge merry at the home.

Apart from people collects fruits and sweets on their plate they also as per traditional display the money, silver and gold jewellery and the auspicious golden flowers on their plate to rejoice the festival Vishu Kani. The festival of Vishu is enjoying in Kerala with fullest.

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Let this Vishu give you the strength to do all that you
dreamed to do during last year but didn’t dare to do.
Happy Vishu! Let this be a delightful year,
filled with delightful things in each of its days.


May this festival bring to you the
Blessing of
Well-being and
Wishing you a very Happy Vishu


I hope this Vishu will bring cheer,
prosperity and peace in your life.
Let us pray that we gain enough strength
to accept the highs and lows of life with equanimity .


May Lord Vinayagar shower his divine blessings on you and fill your life with new hopes and endless celebrations! Happy Vishu!


Vishu promises of a new beginning and a fresh start. May this Vishu also bring new hopes to your life!


It’s time to spread love and wish for a new start. Wishing you a happy Vishu!


On this Vishu wish you a plentiful year. May all your dreams and desires come true!


The God created the world on this day for his followers. May on this day you find new hope and happiness at your heart to make your life beautiful! Happy Vishu Kani!


May the Lord’s blessing bring peace to your home and
heart on Vishu and always during this year.
Happy Vishu.


Orupidi konapoovum
Vishu kaniyum
Vishu kainetavumayi
Veendum Meda masam pularunu
Samrithiyudeyum santhoshathinteyum
snehathinteyum pradekamaya
“Vishu Ashamsakal”


Pularkkaalathinte nairmalyavum puthuvarshathinte
pratheekshakalumaay veendumoru vishukkaalam…
Ellavarkkum puthu pratheekshayude
vishu aashamsakal…..


Wishing you a new year, bursting with joy,
roaring with laughter and full of fun. Happy Vishu.


Vishu stands for new and fresh
Life is always new and fresh
Let us strive to make all days Vishu


Vishu is also a special day for the farmers apart from the mass population as due to the day is mark as the New Year celebration so the farmers also do harvesting of their land on this special day.

So on the day of Vishu, the farmers keep seeds that they want to plant next to the vessel, and they sow it after the ‘Vishu Kani’ Puja done.

The entire collection of the fruits is called as Vishu Kani. Here is a list of Happy Vishu wishes and greetings which you can share on your WhatsApp and Facebook account.