#VivahUtsav Bharath’s Marriage! Siya Ke Ram 10th February 2016 Written Updates

#VivahUtsav Bharath’s Marriage! Siya Ke Ram 10th February 2016 Written Updates  : The last night episode of the mythological TV serial “Siya Ke Ram” starts with Mandavi is talking with Sita. Sita asked her what is her decision about Bharaht? Mandavi said to Sita that she is ready to get married with Ram’s younger brother Bharath. But Sukriti asked Mandavi to think about everything properly before taking major decision.


Siya Ke Ram 10th February 2016 Written Updates

Bharath asked to Ram that he wants to meet with the King Dashrath and clear about some confusion. Ram said to Bharath that whatever your decision is I’m always with you and when you will be talking with Pita Shree (Dad) I’m and I will be with you.

But Sita rush to Bharath and stop him from going to there in the near King Dashrath and discuss about it. Ram is impressing with Sita. Now Bharath asked to the Sita and Ram that Mandavi is not in mood to get married with me. Then Sita explain that it is true that Mandavi didn’t wanted to get marry with you but now after you meet with her and speaks with her now Mandavi is impress with you and want to marry you exactly with her heart.

Bharath and Ram became very happy and embrace each other. Ram, Bharath, Mandavi, Sukriti, Urmila share pleasant and lovely time with Sita. Eventually Shatrughan joins them and offered some sweet and water to them to enjoy the time with the fullest.

Next scene shows that Sukriti is very happy that Mandavi gives her nod to marry Bharath, and her eyes are flooded with tears. When Sita asked Sukriti whay she is crying, Sukriti says that after wedding we 4 sisters will stay together in same house. These are my tears of joy. Sita get emotional and the 4 sisters hug each other.

Anyway, now Tilak for the brothers are arranging and also King Dashrath 3 wives including Kaushalya, Kakaiyee and Sumitra get to know that marriage has been fixed between, Ram and Sita, Laxman and Urmila, Bharath and Mandavi and Shatrughan with Sukriti. The three queens of the King Dashrath became very happy with the news and they prepare all arrangements.

Now queen Kakaiyee calls her brother for the marriage. Meanwhile, astrologer also arrives and predicts Sita’s future that in her future she is having long Vanvaas. Sunaina got worried and shocked to know so. Sita looks on.

In tonight episode of the “Siya Ke Ram” it will be shown that the King Dashrath will be welcome the queen Kakaiyee’s brother and will be asked him that Dashrath is very happy that Kakaiyee’s brother arrived for the marriage of his sons.

Kakaiyee’s brother will be asked to the King Dashrath that how he fixed other son’s marriage when he went to fixed Ram’s marriage. Is Kakaiyee known about this?