Vividha is Failed! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th August 2016 Episode Written Episode

Vividha is Failed! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th August 2016 Episode Written Episode : The episode starts with Atharv asking Vividha why did she not try to study and kept crying in the bathroom being afraid? She says how she jumped from the cliff for him. He says this is different talent as you can’t study, leave this. She replied I can do this and ask him what will you do if I pass? He says whatever you say.

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She jokes and told him that if I pass, you will remove pant and show bum. He smiles and says I thought that Indumati Ji is bitten by films in your family, finely done.

They argue and she pushes him down asked him that I will pass and then your pant will get down. Meanwhile, Vividha sees Sujata and gets conscious, and says Atharv was saying I have no mind, he was provoking me, so I said that in anger. Atharv
shows thumbs up to Guddi and Dadi. Sujata told Uma that their kiddish ness is increasing. Atharv can manage our Vividha

Sujata was talking to her husband and told Atharv did not let me come, I tried. He replied Atharv did right, did you take medicine. Uma comes and gives some kids for her cough. Uma said but you have to be strong. Sujata says I know, you are thinking how did I fall so weak.

Uma asked I understand it’s like putting everything on the stake. Sujata says I don’t want to lose my husband and son, I m scared. Uma asked blood relations grip is very strong, Atharv has his father’s blood, he is angry with his blood, when his distance with his father ends, his anger will end. I hope I can also assure you my friendship that there won’t be any secret between us. Uma hides her hand and Sujata observes this.

Vividha gets Lord’s pic in the book and recalls Atharv. Jaana na dil use door……plays……………. Atharv messages her and jokes. She sends him a selfie and makes a face. She saw the time and says I will finish all syllabus.

She smiles and writes Atharv’s name. He messages her and asks her to study. She replies that he is always in my mind. MEanhwile, Ankit comes to his room and takes the gun from a cupboard and aims at the dart.

Guddi comes there but he quickly hides the gun in his bag. She asks why did you shut a door, is there any girl’s matter? He asked what does she want. She says your bag and told him that I have to take tiffin to give to mum.

He gets worried and pushes Guide on the floor and throws the tiffin. She asked why did he push her, she was doing his work? He says you can’t touch my things. She beats him with cushion.

Vividha heard the sound and comes there. Dadi and Uma also come there. Vividha asked Ankit what is happening? Guide says I was just taking his tiffin, but he hiding something in it. Vividha asked Ankit his problem. Ankit blamed her for having a relationship with the milkman and she gets angry and slaps him.

She told him that milkman respects me and calls me Vividha ji, you don’t even call me Didi, you don’t respect our mum, did you think of earning, you always ask Guddi and my pocket money? and compares him with the Atharva and told him that makes food, washes utensils and clothes, She also warned him that she will slap him again if he will shout or speak in the loud tone.

vividha praises Aarthav and says he is a guy, with whom she would love to fall in love as he is not a milkman, he is the owner of a dairy and he is successful. She also told him that Aarthav respects his mother and also respect me.
Dadi and Guddi scolds Ankit and both says they will punish him if he will dare to say anything about Aarthav. Arthav leaves and sees Kailash and Kailash ask him to leave. Vividha cries.

In the upcoming episode, Vividha says Papa I failed…. Kailash says you failed, it’s not a big thing to fail in a history exam. Atharv asks Vividha to either listen to Kailash or just go for the exam.