Vividha meets Atharv! Jana Na Dil Se Door 11th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Vividha meets Atharv! Jana Na Dil Se Door 11th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates : Kailash’s friend asks Vividha’s hand for his son. Kailash insults him and tells him about his dreams for a perfect husband for his daughter. He doesn’t want a daydreamer boy he wants a king for her daughter. Where Atharva is equally opposite from Kailash’s dream. He shares his dream with his mother Sujata.


Next morning, Kailash recites Ramayana’s Paath to Vividha. He asks Vividha to demand a husband like Lord Rama. He wants his son-in-law to be richer than her. Vividha asks him to find a husband like Lord Shiva.

Atharva is angry with his mother as she is on fast for his father on his birthday. But Atharva asks her to forget him as he left them alone and doesn’t care about them. Sujata got emotional. Atharva consoles her.

Kailash went and Guddi starts dancing. Dadi and Guddi start fighting and Vividha helps her mother in kitchen work. Her mother asks to pay Sujata for milk. She went to her house. Sujata is feeding food from her hand to Atharva. Atharva tells her that he will stay here and start up a business here.

Vividha reaches there to pay money and she wants to thank her for helping her. Sujata introduces him to Vividha. Vividha and Atharva engage into an argument. Vividha taunts him about his father. He went from there without saying a word.

Vividha cheers her mother as Dadi taunts her. Vividha asks her mother about Atharva’s father. Dadi praises her strength and courage. Vividha repents about what she said to Atharva.


Vividha apologizes to Atharva for misbehaving with him. Atharva arrogantly refuses to accept her apologies. Kailash wants to buy a haweli.