Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Cars Can Be Unlocked

Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Cars Can Be Unlocked :- Currently, the Volkswagen cars are under threat of stealing without the keys. The hackers have developed a technique to hack the Volkswagen cars.


If some one have a Volkswagen car, then you should know that a permeability picked up by hackers can allow them to remotely unlock the car. The vulnerability in the cars of Volkswagen is known to exist in all models between 1995 and 2016. There are millions of Volkswagen cars in the world at risk.

The auto companies like Audi and Skoda brands are also under the same vulnerable umbrella.

The hack is very easy. The hackers have managed to design a simple homemade radio. It costs around Rs 3,000 that can unlock your car remotely without the keys.

The researcher at Usenix filed a research. An advanced computer systems association, German security firm Kasper and Oswald and University of Birmingham filed a paper this week. The paper mentions that how the new technique works and how the hacker can easily sit into your car without your keys. The main trick is to get past the key-less entry, which operated on radio frequencies along with an RFID chip.

According to the BBC reports that currently, the auto maker company Volkswagen is working alongside the researchers to control the issue. Volkswagen also mentioned that the present new vehicles are not affected by the hack.

The researchers were able to clone the digital keys to unlock a variety of Volkswagen brand vehicles. But, the researchers have not showed the entire process because they cannot make this information public.