VW Electric Golf Car Launch Soon with 300km Range

VW Electric Golf Car Launch Soon with 300km Range :- The Germany Automaker Company – Volkswagen is going to launch its first and latest Electric Golf car with EPA estimated range of 200 km. This e-Golf is all set to roll in the US Market from Spring.  The present electric motor generates 134hp of power. The latest model is all set to churn out 115hp. This is one of the revised specifications of the Volkswagen Golf.

It covers a long distance on a single charge alone. The battery is said to be more efficient. Volkswagen will soon start the delivery of the All New E-Golf VW with a battery range of 300 KM. There are already 2000+ bookings done on this model.

Kai Siedlatzek who is the Finance Chief at Volkswagen said we want to make electric mobility available to the masses. We want to play a major role in the electric car when it comes to launching further electric vehicles. The company plans to sell one million of Electric VW cars by the year 2025.

 Volkswagen thinks that e-Golf will make their plans feasible. Volkswagen has also teamed up with a State Capital city called Dresden. The administration of the City plans to increase the zero-emission automobiles on its roads. There are 540000 people live in the city and there are plans to increase the public charging stations and parking in the city.

The latest electric car of the Volkswagen features a 7.2 kW on-board charger that is found in the higher trim specification models. The battery of the car can get recharged fully in less than six hours with a 240 Volts Charging Station. Optional fast charger called DC charger is also given in it. The DC Charger recharge the batteries within an hour up to 80%.