Wait for Few Weeks! Apple iPhone 5S to get 50% Cheaper

Wait for Few Weeks! Apple iPhone 5S to get 50% Cheaper : Apple is going to drop an awesome Smartphone in the affordable price called Apple iPhone SE. and with the end of this week Apple is going to launch his new Smartphone in the market and people are excited because this is going to be a affordable Smartphone in the series of iPhone.


And with the debut of this Smartphone Apple surely going to reduce the price of old gen iPhone called 5s in Indian market. This news is confirmed by the company that the company might fade out the older gen iPhone 5s.

People are happy and they also want to purchase the iPhone in low price and for those people Apple going to reduce the price of 5S in Indian in upcoming days. And that means this handset going to reduce from 24,000 to 12,000 and this is going to be the big discount ever from the side of Apple Company.

The company has already announced that it will be fading out iPhone 4S from the Indian market but this is not what Apple seems to have in mind for the iPhone 5s. As per a news reports, it is being speculated that the prices of the iPhone 5s could go down by up to 50% after the launch of iPhone SE. This revelation has been made by Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities.

Perhaps Apple will keep selling the iPhone 5s in developing markets like India where there’s still plenty of demand for the handset. We think that if indeed Apple adopts this strategy, it could be a master stroke by the company. Apple has an immense brand value in markets like India and here people don’t mind buying a two year old iPhone if it fits your budget.

I think this news going to be big news for the fans of iPhone who wanted to purchase this phone also this is going to be a good news for the company too because this may going to increase the earning of iphones in Indian market.