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Now Decorate Walls In An Inexpensive and Creative Way

Image Credit -www.1dea.me

Just got a perfect home? Now, the next costly step is the decoration of the apartment. Even those of you who have a decent budget, you guys may also face a crunch if you are looking forward to decorate your apartment as it could turn quite expensive.

The cost of expensive wall paintings and artwork  might sound intimidating. So why not use the old college day trick? Every graduate must remember that how they used to cover up the complete wall of their dorm room with posters. 

The cost involved in framing a poster of your favorite sports team, or a classy quote from your favorite movie that brings out the shots of awe, are relatively lower than artworks. The following tips are going to assuage your pathway to get the perfect ambience in your apartment.

Choose a Theme

Is your living room quite spacious? If yes (you are so lucky *winks*) then you should definitely try to build a theme in that room, a theme that makes you feel like you’re living those vibes. For example, why don’t you pick your favorite sports team poster and paste it on the walls that have high definition photos of famous athletes like Michael Phelps?

All of this will not cost you anything more than around USD 28 and you can create the perfect ambience for your home. And you can eventually change the theme from time to time without hurting your budget.

If you need suggestions for your theme then consider vintage posters that have most influential film icons, your college time crush super star, famous album covers, quotes for productivity and a lot more that are similar and quenches your soul’s thirst.

Keep It Light

Is it that your room is too small for a fire-place, or your apartment lacks some amenities? Then you can use the posters as a replacement and let me tell you this will literally make your friends laugh extremely hard. Yay! You can be proud of your sense of humor now. Ha-ha!

Moreover you can give your home the perfect makeover of your favorite vacation spot like a sunrise on the beach or paste posters of stars and night sky on your ceiling.

Should you get your posters framed?

Well now you may no more  be a college graduate (we are assuming) so now you can’t just paste the poster on the wall. Come On, it’s not classy. Framing the posters multiplies your classiness factor by a multiple of 10.

A Solid Black frame just fits in with any type of poster and looks so minimalistic and awe-worthy. But there is a plethora of alternatives to explore. Checking out the nearest thrift stores for frames might turn out a fortune, and you can always repaint them.

Plastic frames are also inexpensive and still look nice. There are different designs available and they are quite good looking.

Yeah, most of the frames with extremely good design are expensive but if you work smartly and lower your expectations just a bit then you may find the perfect frame for you. A giant clip to your poster might look extremely rustic. Also, why not clip your posters on a string hailing in front of the wall? You are definitely going to slay it.

Enlist a Shelf

Cover up the shelves of your room with framed posters to give your room a creative touch. The style will look modern and you won’t be leaving any holes in the wall. I bet your landlord’s going to love that. Obviously you need to get those posters framed.

Go Gallery

A large empty wall is a complete waste if you don’t decorate it. We recommend putting all your favorite posters on this wall and turn this blank wall into a beautiful piece of art. If you love travelling, you may buy travel map poster like the one you can see below from here.


Image Credit – www.1dea.me

Paste the posters in any way you want. Posters of the same size can be put up in grids or linear designs. A themed gallery works as the cherry on the top of the cake. You can also create a timeline of posters by hanging them in a row in chronological order.

Align with your Design Style

Don’t hang typography posters if all your décor is vintage –that is certainly going to look odd. Only buy those posters which suit the style of your décor.

Follow a defined Color Palette

The colors in your posters should match with all the interior décor irrespective of the theme, style or poster you want. You can always fix the style as well like if you bought a red poster but your sofa is blue then you can put orange cushions on it.

The best part of all this is that it is highly economical and you can change the style frequently without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also save money for your dream house and its décor till then.