Washington State TV Station Broadcast Adult Video for 13 seconds Watch Online

The news agencies are known to introduce the audience with crime news, entertainment news, sports news, political news and many other types of news. Nevertheless, US based KREM news channel has got the attention of the world audience for mistakenly broadcasting a 13 second porn clip during a weather forecast show on Sunday evening. The police of Spokane have registered the complaint against KREM news agency on the request of numerous citizens of their country. Though the porn clip was played for 13 seconds, it affected the reputation of the concerned news agency. The KREM news network has apologized for their mistake hours after. The channel has become a topic of laughter for their competitors and also world audiences.

Washington State TV Station Broadcast Adult Video for 13 seconds Watch Online

KREM is a local news network station of Spokane and Washington, United States.  On a news show, the news anchor was forecasting weekend weather. In the ongoing weather forecast, the anchor showed the weather report on a multi-screen background. However, she was unaware of the porn clip running on the upper left side of the multi-screen background. The weather forecast started at 6:30 PM on  Sunday. The porn clip appeared on the upper left side of the screen for 13 seconds. The anchor Cody Proctor and the meteorologist Michelle Boss did not react to the porn clip as they were unaware of the clip. KREM news network issued an apology in their 11 PM news show wherein they assured the audience not to make such misconduct ever after the incident. The police organized an investigation in the concerned news station under the case of spreading obscenity through their news channel. The police approached KREM news station on Sunday morning. However, the police did not arrest anyone because the incident was an accident. As per the police investigation, KREM news network did not intend to spread the obscenity, aied porn video was just an accident.

The Spokane City Police stated that they are investigating the appearance of the video and where it came from. According to the police, the disturbing video caused numerous calls to the City Police Station. In the mistakenly aired porn video, the camera scanned the bare backside of a woman who was lying in a bed. This is not the first time that any news agency has committed a rated-X mistake. CNN made a mistake by airing a half hour of porn video in 2016. From the sources, CNN aired a porn clip of porn star Riley Quinn.

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