Watch Ant Man‬ Movie World Television Premiere on Star Movies 11th September 2016

Watch Ant Man‬ Movie World Television Premiere on Star Movies 11th September 2016 :- Star Movies always brings all new Hollywood Movies on the small screens to give you the best experience above all. This time, also Star Movies has brought a Marvel’s movie to bust the tiredness of stressful weekdays and make your weekend more energetic with the power of Ant-Man.


Based on the Marvel comics the character was first published in 1962 and then Ant-Man adapted by the iconic movie maker that has given us some most remembering series like Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, and Captian America. Now there is nothing more to describe the maker as his works speak all that aloud.

Talking about the Marvel’s Ant-Man, the movie is all about the S.H.I.E.L.D scientist Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ Pym who resigned from his post and invented the Ant-Man suit with “Pym Particle”, The particles allow its user to change his size. The technology is believed to be dangerous and hence is hidden from all.

Scott Lang, an expert thief, chose by Dr. Pym to take command as ant-man. Lang must know about the abilities of the suit to help protect the world using ant-man’s altering the size technology and unlike its other superhero counterparts, he pulls off a heist.

Produced by Marvel Studios, ‘Ant-Man’ has made another blockbuster with a worldwide collection of over $500 million. ‘Ant-Man’ is a much hyped and entertaining one.

Don’t forget to catch it now at Star movies. Just tune in there.

In case you miss the television premiere of Ant-Man at 1 pm don’t get bother guys, you can watch the movie at 9 pm as they will repeat the telecast at 9 pm.