Watch Ashoka Samrat 25th 26th November 2015 Episode Why & Who Killed Chanakya

In today’s episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Acharya Chanakya get killed by  Charumita, Sushim, Mahamadhya and Helena. Bindu asks Sushim to make preps to leave for Takshshila. There has been so much delay already. Mahamadhya tries to say something against it but Acharya Chanakya doesn’t let him. if the people in Takshshila will get to know about the recent attack here then it will be difficult to hold them back. Sushim suggests sending Ashoka.

Watch Ashoka Samrat 25th 26th November 2015 Episode Why & Who Killed Chanakya

Ashoka 25th 26th Nov 2015 Episode

Acharya says this time is to show your love for your motherland and not for your brother. It is the time to take a right decision and live up to your responsibility towards your motherland. You have made many mistakes till date. You have learnt from them. you have gained experience from your father and school. You are the best person to go to Takshshila. Ashoka lacks that experience. I would have suggested his name only if he was so experienced. Bindu seconds him. Get ready to leave for Takshshila. Magadh needs you Sushim. Everyones leaves except Sushim and Mahamadhya. Sushim remarks that he should sit quietly. Acharya saved Ashoka before your eyes. You proved it that you are nothing before Chanakya. You stand quietly whenever he comes. I too will get insulted like you if I follow your footsteps. I might bow down before Ashoka one day like you do before Chanakya. It is the biggest mistake of my life to trust you. I very well know how to rectify it. if you fail to stop me from going to Takshshila then I will make sure you wont be fit enough to go anywhere.

A daasi brings something to Helena. It was found next to your messenger. He wasn’t there. Helena is sure Chanakya is behind it. if he finds out the message then! I will have to do something before he reaches me.

Chanakya waits for Mahamadhya in his room. Acharya says don’t think that I don’t respect you if I counter your opinions. I have always valued it that it is important for you to keep Magadh’s respect intact. But I have been proved wrong today. Mahamadhya asks him to speak clearly. Acharya takes Purshottam’s name. I have every piece of news about him. Mahamadhya looks shocked. The money is taken from treasury to help the refugees but it isn’t reaching them in reality. I am trying to find out the reason as to why Sushim has to arrange for money. What’s his plan? Why are you supporting him? I have ample proofs to prove it. Mahamadhya says I used to be jealous of you. I wanted the same respect like you. I wanted to as great as you. I got blinded by expectations. Only motive became important. I cheated to reach for it. Now that Sushim has insulted me, my eyes have opened up. I have understood my mistake. It was my biggest mstake to support a selfish person like Sushim. I have caused such a big threat to Magadh. I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness but I can do penitence. I will help bring out the truth of the wrong people and get them punished. Acharya repeats his question. Mahamadhya shares that Sushim did so just so he could create an army of his own. Siamak had support from Khurasanis while Ashoka had you. Sushim felt insecure. He could have rebelled to vouch for the throne by using that money. Acharya asks him if he will say the same thing before Samrat. Mahamadhya asks for some time. Acharya gives him time till sunrise or I will tell Samrat everything. Mahamadhya leaves. Acharya Chanakya hopes that Ashoka finds some clue against Charu. I will unveil all the criminals together before Samrat.

Ashoka comes to the cave. He requests the lady to help his mother. Someone has done black magic on her. only you can help me. She denies. it is impossible to use black magic here. How can I do? Ashoka replies that it is she only who did it on his mother. If you don’t help me then you will be punished. She refuses that she did anything. He pushes her back and holds a knife near her neck. Tell me the name of that person if it isn’t you. Who wants to harm my mother?

Mahamadhya comes to a room to get something. Sushim comes there. What are you doing here? Mahamadhya advises him to go to Takshshila. Sushim scolds him. Worry about yourself if not me. If I lose my calm then you know what can happen. Mahamadhya nods. Sushim tells him to think. Mahamadhya takes something with him.

Ashoka asks the lady to do something good before dying. Tell me the name of the person who is responsible for my mother’s condition. She sprinkles something in his eyes. Charumita throws a dagger at the lady. She dies before she could tell anything to Ashoka.

Acharya Chanakya looks at the piece of paper. This means Siamak is Justin’s son. A soldier hands him something. The sender isn’t known. He leaves. Acharya Chanakya checks it. it is a book. Acharya Chanakya reads the amount of weapons Sushim has taken from their weapon room. Mahamadhya was right. Sushim was surely making his own army. There is also a letter from mahamadhya. He calls Acharya to one place alone.

Ashoka walks angrily on the road. Acharya gave me such a big responsibility and I failed. How would I know about my mother’s enemy now?

Acharya Chanakya reaches the said place. Mahamadhya greets him. I was certain you would come. Did you tell anyone about your coming here? Acharya says I live by my words. What you did today towards Magadh has made me very happy. you will be paid back for this good deed of yours once Ashoka becomes the Samrat. He asks about the weapons which Sushim is stealing from the armoury. Helena says what the rush is. Acharya turns to look at her. Charumita, Sushim, Mahamadhya and Helena surround him from all the four sides. Mahamadhya laughs at Acharya. They all take out a dagger each. Helena stabs Acharya.

Precap : Sushim stabs Acharya as well. Ashoka reads the message that Mahamadhya had written for Acharya. He runs torwards that side of the palace. Mahamadhya also stabs Acharya.

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