Watch Big F Episode 6 15th November 2015 Show Written updates Video

Watch Big F Episode 6 15th November 2015 Show Written updates Video : In the youth oriented programme Gautam Gulati’s “Big F” tonight something will be showing that is homosexual relationship between two girls. These two girls do not interested for boys so they fall in love between each other. Reportedly, the tonight episodic of “The Big F” will be depicting a lesbian couple, including a kissing scene between the two female leads. Sources said regarding the programme say that, “The story will revolve around a fashion designer and her muse and how the two fall in love. Madhura Naik will be playing the muse”.

big f epsiode 6th

Big F Episode 6 15th November 2015

Tonight episode of the Gautam Gulati’s “Big F” which is the episode 6 will be depicting how two women will be falling in love with each other and they are not interested with the young men.

We all know the TV series “Big F” deals with the human inner fantasy and tonight episode will be dealing with homosexual fantasy which is normally a secret fantasy. Tonight it will be shows that a girl’s who is an aspiring fashion designer her marriage has been fixed. Eventually, the date of her engagement has come close and the preparation is going on.

Although she used to say no to everyone but finally she choose a lad but in the day of her engagement she is not happy. Gradually she will be also get to know that she doesn’t like boys in fact she s fond of a girl.

Rest of the story is how she will be dealing with her choice.