Watch Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 9 6th December 2015 Written Updates

Watch Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 9 6th December 2015 Written Updates : So “MTV Present Gautam Gulati Big F” fans another rocking episode of the youth oriented show is waiting for you to showcase tonight. The tonight episode will be tell of a physically challenge girl. Every being actually have forbidden fantasy or lust for the opposite gender. As we all know “Gautam Gulati’s Big F” actually talks about those inner feelings which a person usually has anyway irrespective of physical status, complexion, gender, abilities’ and so on.

big f episode 9

Big F Episode 9

So tonight episode of the show will talk about a beautiful and attractive young sportswoman story Jia. Unfortunately, she is left unable to leave her dream by playing sport as an accident will leave her physically challenged. Her life now revolves round her wheelchair.

Later, the girl falls in love with a young handsome guy Maan, but she is unable to confess her love for him as being a disable she is having complex. Contradictory Maan attract towards her simplicity and smitten by her beauty.

Maan also falls in love with Jia and forbidden fantasy now arises in both of their hearts. Rest of the story is all about how Maan will help Jia to accept the love of Maan, which is their Maan having for her. Also Maan will be give courage to Jia by which she will be overcome with her physical complications.

Reportedly, Shravan Reddy and Krishna Mukherjee are playing the title characters in the upcoming episode of “Big F”. Regarding doing the episode Shravan speaks to media and said, “I do these episodic, as it feels like a mini film experience. This way at least I get to face the camera regularly also”.