Watch Semi Finals With Ex Roadies Today MTV Roadies x4 12th June 2016 Episode Hd Video

Watch Semi Finals ex Roadies Today MTV Roadies x4 12th June 2016 Episode Hd Video :- The stunt based reality show Roadies x4 witness last night an epics episode in its semi final stage and the participants’ in the show have to many shocks to reached to the final stage.


MTV Roadies x4 12th June 2016 Episode

In the last night episode the participants’ of the show performed their stunts and the old roadies X4 are also coming to the show to have their feedback, it is very rare that people get second chance in roadies as we have seen Balraj, Bharti, Rohan and Tarasha.
Ex Roadies had to compete with the present roadies to get back in the show, the task was to put stones into the bucket which was set up on a poll and the participants n need to throw stone in to the bucket. The roadies were feeling as if task were easy but when they experience it they found out it one of the hardest task.

First Task competition held between Sateesh and Rohan in which Sateesh won the task and second time Saad and Balraj compete with each other in which Saad emerge as the semi winner and he almost defeat Balraj but at the end Balraj emerged as the winner by winning the task.

On the competition of girls, Anamika defeat Bharti and then completion held between Hipsa and Tarasha, It was too easy for Tarasha to win the task as Hipsa gave her lead by throwing stone by herself in Kavya’s bucket.
Balraj had to leave the show as he fail to perform well and Karan became emotional with that but eventually he manages himself.

Another task happened for the immunity where Ranvijay’s gang won it, stay tuned for the more updates of Roadies x4 and don’t forget to catch the show at the evening only on the MTV channel.