Watch Hanuman finds sita sad! Siya ke Ram 27th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Watch Hanuman finds Sita sad! Siya Ke Ram 27th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Sita asks Ravan to stop his obsession but Ravan says her to marry her as he is very fond of her. Sita warns him and says she is only one man woman. Ravan says he will soon kill Ram and thereafter she will be his wife forever. Ravan smirks. Hanuman flies in the air and is near Lanka. He saw there a tight security on the entrance and he has to enter secretly.

Siya ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

Siya ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

Siya ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

He becomes a one-inch boy as to enter the Lanka secretively But he got caught by Lankini so he came back to his original form. He says he visited here to roam around. She asks her, to tell the truth else he got killed by her.

He seeks for her permission. But she denies. Hanuman thinks to teach her a lesson. As Lankini attacks on him. He attacks back and she starts begging for her life. She asks to introduce himself. He tells her that he is an envoy of Prince Ram and he came here to gather information about Sita.

She urges him that this is the time when she got free from Lanka. She tells him that Brahma tells her the sign to destroy Lanka. The day when a disciple of Ram will defeat her in the battle she will get free and Lanka will head to the way of destruction.

She adds that Sita is in Ashok Vatika. Ravan meets his son Akshay. Akshay decides to stay ad serve Asur Dynasty. Mandodari got angry from him. Sita recalls Ravan’s words.

Trijata came with a good news that Ram’s envoy entered to Lanka. Sita becomes happy. Trijata asks to send him a message of Sita’s whereabouts.


Meghnath and Akshay try to find that envoy but failed. Ravan asks them to find in Ashok Vatika and they head towards the place.