Watch James Brown Alleged Video Goes Viral On Twitter

James Brown is a Nigerian internet personality, a dancer and a cross dancer whose video get viral on the internet and he has expressed his sorrow after this leaked video. His video is an intimate video in which he is seen having some intimate relations with a lady that video went viral through Snapchat and which is now getting viral on the other social media platform this video has reached people and after keeping quiet for a time but now he shared a tweet on his Twitter account and we have shared the things he is suffering currently after his video went viral.

Watch James Brown Alleged Video Goes Viral On Twitter Sex Tape Leaked

Who Is James Brown?

So, his real name is James Chukwueze Obialor also known as James Brown he is popular for his dance and his Nigerian look personality he is also a cross dancer and a video of him get viral in 2018 in which he was arrested by the Police in other 46 .other gay who spent more than a month at Ikoyi Correctional Facility and later the case was dismissed by the court. He later released a single title album named Hey Buildings in which his song got popular because of the catchphrase, he also claimed that he was affected by HIV at the time of his birth.

Watch James Brown Alleged Video Goes Viral On Twitter

So, a video of his gets viral via Snapchat in which he is having intimate things with the lady and he also claimed that he had a girlfriend earlier but later he had broken up with her. That video went viral on the internet after which his career also stopped and people see him as a culprit he shared a tweet after which many are supporting him and one of his fans wrote that this is a bad phase that will get okay.

Reaction Of James Brown On The Viral Video?

As we know that James Brown is gay and his video went viral on Twitter which later gets suspended Twitter and he shared his thoughts on Twitter in which he said that For the first time he is now feeling alone, sad and depressed. He also said that now he doesn’t have energy and he feels tired and this feels like depression. He also said that he is not able to sleep properly and he is only having bad dreams and he wants to move out of this situation.

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