Watch Last Episode Of Maharana Pratap 10th December 2015 Written Updates Video

Watch Last Episode Of Maharana Pratap 10th December 2015 Written Updates Video : Today was the last episode of one of the best tv show Maharana Pratap which was tele-casted on Sony Tv from Monday to Thursday at 10:00 Pm from last year. The show is gaining lot of popularity from the starting date. All the fans among India and worldwide watch Maharana Pratap daily with great joy and happiness. But from now on-wards their heart will cry because today was last episode of Maharana Pratap in which he gets death. Maharana Pratap gots very good TRP against all others shows. Now below get complete details of Maharana Pratap last episode.

Maharana Pratap 10th December 2015 Written Updates Video

Maharana Pratap 10th December 2015 Episode

Pratap opens his eyes and finds Ajabde caressing his head. He tries to get up but she doesn’t let him. He is very happy to see her. I will call Amar. He cries when he is alone. We both miss you a lot. She says it is time when I will meet him. He has to do a lot before meeting me. He has to achieve greater goals. Pratap is confused because of her words. She talks about some dreams which remain unfulfilled. Future generations have to carry them further. He says he hasn’t done anything till date. I have a lot to do. She denies. Everyone is so proud of you already. It is time to hand over your responsibilities to the next generation. I will wait for you. Pratap wakes up. He takes Ajabde’s name. Phool rushes to his side. He asks her to call everyone asap. I don’t have much time. Phool goes out.

Pratap holds out his hand for Punja ji first. Rana Punja sits down beside him. Pratap says I will be always thankful to you and the other Bheels. Mewar is safe because of your bravery. He looks at Chakrapani next. Chakrapani cries seeing his condition. I wont let you go anywhere. Pratap reasons that he will be alive in everyone’s words and work. I want you to write books on different subjects. It will help the people in gaining knowledge. Future generations will be able to make use of it. Chakrapani promises him of the same. Pratap looks at Chundavat ji. Chundavats have guided us since decades. I want you to guide Amar too. Protect him, look after him. Chundavat ji agrees. Pratap speaks about Shakti Singh. Give him his estate. I am indebted to him. Chundavat ji promises him. Acharya sits down next to Pratap. Pratap gives him all the credit. Whatever I am today is because of you. Promise me you will never leave Mewar. You will teach the same things to Amar. He needs you. Mewar needs you. Acharya nods. I always taught you but I realise today what it is actually to sacrifice yourself. I promise you, I will do what you wish. They say Jai Mewar.

Amar requests his father not to leave him. I will be left all alone. Pratap says your motherland will be with you. You wont be alone. These relations never end. Pratap takes a promise from Amar. You will never bow down to Mughals. You have to protect your motherland. You have to save your motherland. You have to become a good ruler. Promise me. Amar promises him. Pratap remarks that he is proud to be a Rajput. I spent my entire life to save my motherland. He faces difficulty in breathing / speaking. His hand falls. Everyone screams his name. They all break down to see him dead.

Akbar’s soldier fight over who will tell Shehanshah the good news. Akbar and everyone are shocked to know about Pratap’s death. Everyone feels happy whereas Akbar thinks of how they met for the first time. He thinks of Pratap’s bravery; of all the old fights. Tansen sings a sad song – Doob gaya Suraj Dharti Ka. He praises Pratap in the song. Akbar looks pointedly at him. The atmosphere gets tensed. He walks up to Tansen. Jagmal thinks that Tansen will be punished today. Akbar instead gives him his necklace as a token. You are the only courtier amongst all of us present here who could understand my feelings. In my journey to become Shehanshah-e-Hind, I dint meet anyone like Pratap. His will to fight in any situation; his bravery; it all has kept me motivated. I know and accept that he will have a higher position than me whenever people will get to know about history. Pratap ruled the people’s hearts when he was alive and even now when he is gone. He is way ahead than me in this. He takes down his turban as a tribute.

Amar puts flowers before his father’s photo before sitting on the throne.

A few lines are spoken about everyone in the end.


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