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The Hollywood reports, there is the new project “The Pete’s Dragon Movie”, the movie is much the latest trailer and it’s getting more adventures by the Walt Disney Pictures.

‘Pete’s Dragon’ Trailer

The Pete’s Dragon movie are directed by the famous director David Lowery, who’s getting the back to back the sucessful movie in the Hollywood industry. the director David Lowery have recently directed the movies is how to train your dragon and The historical story based The jungle book. And now he’s making a spectacular imagination movie is The Pete’s Dragon Movie.

Pete’s Dragon Movie Official Trailer 2016

According to The Pete’s Dragon Movie in which there are two main characters are defined where one is “Pete” and a second is “Elliot”. The Pete is the basically a 10-year-old child and Elliot is an amazing dragon which has the power of invisible.


The movie comes for the new journey with the green dragon, in source of reports where an old woodworker which name is Mr. Meacham and he’s creates a story for the local children who live in the northwest area of the jungle and his daughter Grace is the supervisor of the jungle and role of the Mr. Meacham by Robert Redford and grace are Bryce Dallas Howard, and one day coincidently grace meets Pete.

Pete is the a mysterious boy which is only 10 years old and the Elliot is a green dragon ad in the movies where sees the friendship between the 10-year-old boy and a dragon ,then both show the power of the friendship . the movie is released on the 12 august 2016.

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