Watch Mission Sapne Season 2 Episode 8 Video 6th March 2016 Sonakshi Sinha

Watch Mission Sapne Season 2 Episode 7 Video 6th March 2016 Sonakshi Sinha : We are back with the latest episode of Mission Sapne season 2 and today Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha will be the special guest of the show. Sonakshi shows happy gesture on the show and she interact with her fans happily and took selfies with them. She sell flowers on the show and somehow she make her fans to buy flowers to collect maximum money in the shortest time possible.



26-year-old Usha Vishwakarma is the lady who is the founder of Red Brigade in n a small slum village in the outskirts of Lucknow in which she teaches the girl who are molested by the some guys. She is doing great effort to make girl strong and independent.


The Red Brigade is a group of young girls fighting against sexual abuse. Many sex crimes against women go unreported in India due to cultural stigma. Rape of a young girl on a public bus in Delhi in December provoked outrage.


Sonakshi Sinha also learn some self defense techniques from Usha. All through the demonstration, she was seen cracking jokes and laughing with the team.


With a dream of building a rehab center for rape survivor, three girls from the Red Brigade will be seeing joining Sonali and Sonakshi on this week’s episode of Mission Sapne season 2.

Don’t forget to watch how Sonakshi Sinha helps the Red Brigade team to reach one step closer to their dreams today.