Watch Naagin 5th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Watch Naagin 5th December 2015 Episode Written Updates : In last week episode of the TV serial “Nagin” we watched that Anuj organized 25th birthday of her son Ritwik and also reception for the marriage of Ritwik. Yamini is not ready for the reception party and also Anuj called huge guests to arrive in the birthday bash. When Yamini asked her husband Anky Jee that why he is organized the birthday bash when Viren is in hospital. Anky Jee said that we need to organize this party as if we don’t organize it our secret will be unfolded. Something wrong works we committed in the past will be reveals.

Watch Naagin 5th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Naagin 5th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

So, Anky organized a party in which he invites Shailesh to come, still Sailesh is not ready to come as Ritwik did not marry his daughter Tanvi. In the meantime it is shown in the last episode of “Nagin” that Viren who was in Coma, he got conscious. Viren’s wife was present in the hospital but when she saw Viren is moving.

She quickly rush to call doctor and her father-in-law Anuj, and when she leave Viren alone in the hospital, Sasa who is an “Ichhadhari Nagin” enters and she tried to kill Viren. When she was yet to fetches the human attention she took a form of nurse and leaved.

Doctor arrives eventually and said that Viren again sleep into Coma which makes Anuj Raheja astounds. But before sleeping into Coma Viren asked to Anuj that “Woh Who Aagayee Nagin” (She has comeback Nagin). Anuj became so scared to hear that and he tried to make Sailesh beware but Sailesh does not believe him, and Sailesh said he won’t forgive Anuj as Ritwik did not married Tanvi.

The priest who is supporting Shivanaaya said that you only know about the 3 persons who killed your parents but you should know other 2 persons names too. Shivannaya said I did not get to see the remaining person’s face. Priest says I see his glimpses and in his hand you will be seeing there are 2 thumbs.

Also it is shown that Anuj who is completely scared from the Nagin call him (Who support Anuj to killed Nagin family) and asked him to arrive in Ritwik’s birthday party. His friend who don’t know anything about it promised Anuj that he is coming in the birthday party of Ritwik.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Shivanaaya will be taking revenge from her enemies as well Ritwik will be seen doing romantic dance number with Shivanaaya.