Watch Nagin 14th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Watch Nagin 14th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates : In the last week episode of “Nagin” we watched that the antagonist “Nagin” was presented in the party. She spread merry by dancing in the song “Dilbar Dil Se Pyaare” which was actually enjoyed by the party members especially the male ones. Her sexy and seductive dances moves were fetching men’s attention and out of lust they were attracted towards her. She was in the party in a beautiful girl’s form, and she was actually there to complete her mission. When a boy tried to eve-tease with her, the “Nagin” literally shows horror face, which is her real face.

Watch Nagin 14th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 14th November 2015 Episode

Eventually, she started dancing in the dancing tunes. When Ritwik mom join her and she started dancing with her, accidentally the “Bhibhuthi” (Ashesh) was falls in her hand and the capture “Nagin” unable to hide her real identity, which is comes out.

Afterward, the “Sapera” started following the running “Nagin” and she was literally scared. She also tried to make the “Sapera” scared by showing her real horror face, she also tried to attack on “Sapera” but the “Sapera” resist.

Sapera also attacked the “Nagin” and partially killed her and throw her on the well. Meanwhile, Ritwik who totally smitten by the beauty of Shivanya, he also went in an old mansion where he hangout with Shivanya.

Suddenly, Shivanay show him a portray of Kunwar Saa who’s face is very similar to the Ritwik’s face. Ritwik got astounded to saw this leading to being the speechless person.

Tonight episode it will be shown that Ritwik will be having a serious argument with his mom, his mom who is very traditional sort of person believe in this all things try to convince Ritwik but Ritwik is in no mood to listen anything.