Watch New Dhanak Trailer : It’s about Shahrukh & Salman Khan gangwar

Watch New Dhanak Trailer : It’s about Shahrukh & Salman Khan gangwar: There is a New upcoming movie which is ‘Dhanak’ , the trailer that film are released and where the fight between for the Shah Rukh Khan and the Salman gang war in the sweetest way are possible.


New 'Dhanak' trailer fights Shah Rukh Khan-Salman gangwar in the sweet way

On the twitter account, Shahrukh khan has appreciated this movie for the cutest story made ,when Shahrukh khan seeing this movie trailer he just smiled and given the best wishes for this movie and kids whose play a role in the movie.

But there was clip showcase in which an array argument for the two blockbuster celebrities Shahrukh khan and Salman khan, So it and a fight between Fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Fans of Salman Khan never can be friends.

According to the director Nagesh Kukunoor, the movie ‘Dhanak’ are release on this June 17 . where the including stars are Hetal Gadda, Vipin Sharma, Krrish Chhabria and Vibha Chibber.

In the movie the youngster is working hard and where the Hetal Gada play the role of Pari and Krrish Chhabria as Chotu. According to the movie trailer, there was a story of cute sister and brother where chotu is only the 9th year old and his sister always with .

The movie are blessed by the many Bollywood superstars like Shahrukh khan and Salman and others,this two youngster play the very good role the movie and specially pari and chotu and chotu is a blind child but it jumps,run,sing,all do thing that any normal children do and never feel like a blind child.