Watch Park City Mall Shooting Video Viral, 4 People Killed Inside Lancaster P.A

A very serious and tragedic incident happened in a mall in Pennsylvania in the mid-noon of Sunday where around six people got harmed in the incident where gunfire rang out in the mall. As per the statement of the police, few people fighting verbally in the Park City Center mall and then the verbally fights shifted into serious dispute and several shots were fired. With this, there was around one woman along with three men who were fired throughout the conflict and it is expected that all the four sufferers have survived this shot. In addition to this, the police stated that the other two women got minor damages while attempting to escape the marketplace after the firing. The Park City Shooting Video is recorded and uploaded on social media in which it’s clear looking that a bunched of emergency responders hurrying toward the mall’s entrance located at 142 Park City Center.

Watch Park City Mall Shooting Video

In the video, it’s unclear that the gunman is arrested or not and after this shocking incident, a statement from the mall has been released where they stated that they are saddened and unfortunate after this incident happened at the place and they stood their customer as the main priority and placed their consumers as the first priority but these types of the incident were feared all but they are grateful that the responders react on the case quickly.

Park City Mall Shooting Video

According to the statement of Hana Ali, who is the owner of Tabarek International Food stated that she was working in the store when the shot was fired and the bullet of the gun was struck in her store while the other bullet broke the glass of the Sephora shop. In addition to this, she stated that the people were attempting to put the gunman down his weapon and then she stated that, the gunman holding the fun and puts the gun in between the legs and the other three were arguing with each other.

After that, the normal conversation transforms into a serious dispute and the gunman shot one of the members of his group and after the shooting, all the shoppers come into fear and comes from their shop to find out what happened. Then one of them informs the security and police about the incident and then the police arrive and handle all the situations and checked the Park City Shooting Video.The mall was remains closed on Monday, stay tuned with us.

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