Watch Quandre Diggs Injury Video Viral Vs Cardinals Details Explained!

A piece of news is circulating on all the internet with higher speed that Adrian Phillips was visibly unnerved as he went to his press conference stage after the loss of Patriots to the Miami Dolphins which was held on Sunday, but his feelings had zero to perform with the match. After exiting the ground, Phillips understood that his colleague and ex-Texas teammate named Quandre Diggs has mourned a gruesome injury of leg in the season finale of the Seattle Seahawks against Arizona. In an action to convey a statement of consent to Diggs, who was hauled off the ground, Phillips, who had slashes in his eyes, told straight to the cameras in longings it would get him. The Quandre Diggs Injury Video is on the internet and watched and witnessed by many of the users of the internet who saw the video and raised several opinions and views on the matter. Be with us to grasp all the information and details about the incident.

Watch Quandre Diggs Injury Video Viral

In an official statement, Phillips stated that he is praying for his brother Quandre and he described his note to the gathered media and then resumed and he just had gruesome harm and he just wants to you comprehend that how much he loves his brother and he hates this so much and he loves his brother a lot and now, he is praying for his speedy recovery and he is willing to talk with him and wants to share many of the talks with him.

After that, he takes and paused for some time and questioned the media to get this through with and rather than asking Phillips queries regarding the match, the media prompted him to go. The coach of Seattle named Pete Carroll stated that Diggs hurt his fibula and dislocated his ankle and wouldn’t be capable to flee back from Arizona with a crew and the Wide receiver named Tyler Lockett is dwelling with him. The matter is under investigation and surely it will reach a conclusion very soon.

Talking about who Quandre Diggs then he is a 28-year-old safety was tied for the Pro Bowl and was planned to be a gratis agency after the entire season and he mourned the harm on a wreck with an awful lineman on a running space in the fourth quarter. The Quandre Diggs Injury Video is on the internet and watched by many of the viewers where it is clearly shown that how he injured in this collision. Stay tuned with us.

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