Watch Sasural Simar Ka Written Updates Of 8th December 2015 Episode

Watch Sasural Simar Ka Written Updates Of 8th December 2015 Episode : The makers of the soap opera “Sasural Simar Ka” leaving no stone unturned to make you interested for the show every moment. But despite the show is giving us huge entertainment, but the problem from the life of Simar is not getting abolished. The last night episode of “Sasural Simar Ka” started with Patali Devi’s evil plan to harm Simar but Patali Devi’s plan didn’t worked and nothing happen to Simar. May be Mata Rani protects her and also Simar seen with Mata Rani Locket on her neck.

Watch Sasural Simar Ka Written Updates Of 8th December 2015 Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Actually the thing is that Simar prepare sculpture for Devika but Devika uses her evil magical tricks to make the soil profane. Devika waiting that the profane soil will be harms Simar when Simar will be touching it. But astounding Simar prepares two legs of the Murti (Idol) with the mud.

Patali Devi is form of Devika is waiting to see that Simar is getting harm but Simar didn’t get hurt which makes the Patali Devi anger. So Patali Devi performs her Tantra Mantra Sadhna to know the fact eventually a Parchai (Reflection) appear.
The Parchai (Reflection) said that it is actually Khushi who touches the mud and make it sacred so Simar did not get hurt. Parchai (Reflection) asked Patali Devi to follow her and they should be visiting Bharadwaj House to know further details.

So, the Patali Devi and the Parchai (Reflection) takes form of smoke and gets enter in the house of Bharadwaj. With the massive smoke enter Bharadwaj family became astounds and they gets out. After getting out they realized that the actually the smoke is coming from Devika’s house.

They knock Devika’s house to know what happen and after opening door Devika explain them by chance a cloth get burnt. So, the smoke arises. Simar asked her to take care.

In tonight episode it will be shown that the Patali Devi will be giving warning to Khushi that Khushi should not reveals Patali De vi’s fact as well she should help and support her to harm Simar. Khushi is not ready to do so.

But Patali Devi threatened Khushi that if Khushi won’t support Patali Devi, then Patali Devi will be killing Khushi’s child.