Watch Shilpa Shetty Best TV Campaign To Make Women Financially Independent

A great and socially healthy step has been taken by one of the best Bollywood Fitness Diva cum Entrepreneur cum great actress Gorgeous Shilpa Shetty Kundra started a Women Empowerment Ad Campaign to make the Women Self Sufficient and financially independent to work at their own convenience to work at home. Shilpa took a step ans introduced all these women who are a mother, a sister and a housewife who sacrifices her ambitions, her dreams and her choices for their family. She introduced women who works for the survival of their daily life and she also introduced women to work at home in order to fulfill their basic needs.

Watch Shilpa Shetty Best TV Campaign To Make Women Financially Independent

Shilpa Shetty Campaign To Make Women Financially Independent

Shilpa herself is the leading entrepreneur running iosis Spa & Salons and Part time actor. She is Full time mother and wife. She is Health and Fitness Enthusiast. She is also Best Deal TV Founder. Best Deal Tv is the Celebrity Driven 24/7 home shopping channel.

In support to Best Deal TV. Shilpa Shetty recorded an Ad Video. Women can now Become Direct Channel Agent aka DCA and can earn in lacs. Registration fee is rs. 10,000 only. You contact to know how to becaome the member of Best Deal TV.

Call – 0922-229-3000
SMS BDTV to 56070
Email – info@bestdealtv.in

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