WATCH: SpaceX Launches First Saudi Astronauts to Space Station on 2nd Private Axiom Mission

The recent news is a big achievement for the Saudi Astronauts as they grabbed the chance to visit the International Space Station. This opportunity has been provided by SpaceX to four Astronauts including two from Saudi Arabia and the proud moment is that one Saudi astronaut is a woman. SpaceX has launched a crew of private astronauts by Axiom Space which is based in Houston. The four astronauts will be in the space center for ten days. The crew carrying the astronauts including South Arabia’s first astronauts in decades lifted off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We are sharing with you the thrilling news in detail and the enthusiasm of Saudi Astronauts. Be with us till the end.

SpaceX Launches First Saudi Astronauts to Space

Saudi woman Rayyanah Barnawi and a fighter pilot Ali Alqarni representing Saudi Arabia along with Tennessee businessman Pilot John Shoffner and Peggy Whitson, a former NASA astronaut who is on her fourth flight, are the four crew members of Ax-2 spaceflight. These fortunate crew members will be working with the seven astronauts that are already present in International Space Station. Before the launch, there is always an extensive and rigorous training program for astronauts but the private crew members are not that much trained for the microgravity experience. It would be noticed that how their bodies adapt to microgravity along with the other projects that they have targeted for.

WATCH: SpaceX Launches First Saudi Astronauts

The Saudi astronaut Rayyanah Barwani is a stem cell researcher has become the first woman of the country to visit space. She is on her mission to study how microgravity affects stem cells. She is hopeful about the experiments which are aimed at detecting diseases and developing therapies for them. She expressed herself in a prelaunch conference that she is feeling honoured to represent the dreams and hopes of her country and especially the women of her country. The other fellow woman astronaut Peggy Whitson, holds the U.S. record for most accumulated time in space at 665 days.

The crew will be spending around ten days in International Space Station and will be back on Florida Coast. People are excited about the SpaecX second private launch. SpaceX is planning to add its own rooms to the space station in another few years. The information is that the company can launch its first space station module in 2025. And the company is targeting for more private crew launches to the space in future. What will be the next ten days holding for these fortunate astronauts and how the research are going to benefit the people? Let’s wait and watch. Stay tuned.

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