Watch Tasmania Jumping Castle Video CCTV Footage: 4 Children Died fall From Castle

Tasmania, an island state of Australis, has experienced a bouncy castle tragedy that has resulted in the death of five school children. This incident took place on Thursday, 16th December 2021. The incident has mainly victimized nine children of the Hillcrest Primary School. It is being said that there were 40 children who were enjoying a celebration related to the end of their school term in 2021. jumping castle and inflatable Zorb balls were part of their celebration.

Watch Tasmania Jumping Castle Video CCTV Footage: 4 Children Died fall From Castle

All of sudden, the bouncy castle lifted swung in the air around 10 meters before plunging/touching the ground. As a result, some of the adults were also hurt. This case has stirred the world’s audience and the news has sought the attention of media networks worldwide. Darren Hine, the Police Commissioner of Tasmania, has stated that this incident has left a mark on the memories of all the people of their country. This case has led to mass grief as people remained awaking on the last Friday night to pay homage to all the deceased of this tragedy.

Watch Tasmania Jumping Castle Video

The police investigation has revealed the identity of all the victims of this tragedy. This incident has caused 5 children to pass away. The victims who have died due to this tragedy are Addison Stewart ( 11-year-old), Zane Mellor (12-year-old), Jye Sheehan, Peter Dodt, and Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones. Apart from them, there are other three children with severe injuries who have been admitted to a hospital. One child has been discharged from the hospital. The ninth child did not have any critical strick; therefore, he is out of danger and has been sent home from the hospital. This incident has terrified the city of Devonport.

Tamara Scott, an aunt of Peter Dodt, has stated that Peter was such a boy who liked to live a life full of adventure and was accustomed to remaining happy.” Meg Aherne, an aunt of Addison Stewart, has mentioned that she is everyone is upset and she has no words to react to this tragedy. Addison was a pure soul with a kind heart who always wanted everyone to stay happy.” One of the family friends of Zane Mellor described Zane to be a charming boy with a gentle soul who was also a caring personality for his family and friends. People of Devonport have decided to organize a candle vigil on Friday as a tribute to the victims of the bouncy castle tragedy.

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