Watch Texas French Bread Fire Historic French Bread destroyed In Austin

Watch Texas French Bread Fire Historic French Bread destroyed In Austin The Texas Franch Bread is one of the most famous restaurants in Austin, Texas, the United States. This is a historic West Campus staple in Austin as a restaurant. The restaurant faced an outbreak of fire on Monday, 24th January 2022. This outbreak has put the name of this restaurant on the headlines of the media. This news is also being circulated on the internet on various social media platforms from the day of the incident. The fire took place in the bakery of Texas Franch Bread late on Monday night.

Watch Texas French Bread Fire

It seems that the incident has resulted in the loss of property of Texas Franch Bread. However; the relief giving fact is that the mishap ended without the loss of any human being. The life of living beings is precious and that cannot be compared with money and property. The staff informed the police and also the fire safety department to deal with the mishap in the meantime. Follow For More Updates

No sooner did the police and the fire safety departments get the information of the fire attack than they approached the scene. In the beginning, the customers and the staff were rescued. Later, they coped with the surged fire in the bakery of the restaurant.

The investigation of this incident is going on by the Austin Police Department. The injury of humans is nil but the fire outbreak damaged the property worth $1.6 million as an estimated amount. The official of the police investigating team has stated on Tuesday, 25th January 2022 that the fire was ruled accidental.

On the morning of the day after the accident, it was posted on the official Instagram handle of the owner of the Texas Franch Bread restaurant that they have experienced a devastating fire attack in the restaurant premises on the late night of the last Monday. The employees are unharmed and safe as they got the success to escape the accident scene.

He also added that he is delighted to have the support of many people as they are rising to help reduce the loss of the Texas Franch Bread restaurant. On the side of the readers, we may just show our pity for the owner of Texas Franch Bread. As per the reputation of the Texas Franch Bread, it seems that it will fill the loss with the future profits with the supremacy and the delicacy of the restaurant as well as the staff of the restaurant.

The breaking and shocking news of the hour is that a popular and famous bakery which is near the University of Texas at Austin campus caught fire tore via the business from midnight of Monday till the early morning of Tuesday. The Texas French Bread Fire was too serious and dangerous by which the bakery store caught fire and all the store’s items get destroyed after being in the fire and there was a huge loss to the owner of the bakery. The police along with the emergency services and the firefighters also arrived at the spot and started finding the cause of the fire and gives their best to control the fire and to handle the situation. The nearby people also get shocked after seeing the incident and inform the police about the incident which was happened near the University of Texas at Austin campus. Be with our page and blog to collect and gather all the details and information about the incident.

The accident and the fire accident was happened at around 11 PM on Monday at the Texas French Bread bakery which is on Rio Grande Street which is just down the road from the West Campus neighbourhood and North Lamar Boulevard. As per the statement of the firefighters, they stated that when they arrived at the spot they witnessed the flames which comes out from the roof of the bakery and they fought the fire from the inside of the bakery for around an hour but the structure then became dangerous and they had to perform to douse the fire from outdoors.


After that, the roof of the building finished up collapsing but the relief and best news is that no one was injured in this incident, but the building is an ancient one in Central Austin and the fire crews stated that it is a complete loss. The fire yielded around $1.1 million worth of harm to the building and from the interior around $500,000 worth of harm has happened. The while accident and incident is under the investigation and surely it will come to a conclusion very soon.

Watch Texas French Bread Fire Historic French Bread destroyed In Austin

After the incident, a GoFundMe was made for the landlords soon after the flames occurred at the bakery and the local citizens are working to apprehend the harm and many of the people have already been conveying on their social media what the building and the bakery conveyed to all. The Texas French Bread Fire Cause of Fire is stated to be accidental because of a mechanical failure. Stay tuned with us.

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