Watch Today’s Epic Episode! MTV Roadies X4 22nd May 2016 Hd Video

Watch Today’s Epic Episode! MTV Roadies X4 22nd May 2016 Hd Video :- In the last night episode of the stunt based realty show Roadies x4, it is showcased that the breathtaking stunt task has been completed after, it is won by the gang immunity task and the task has been won by Karan’s gang and this gang got the immunity and remain save for the vote out. It is after a long time Karan’s gang won the immunity as Karan himself believes in performance rather than the immunity but still this time his luck support him.

MTV Roadies X4

MTV Roadies X4

Karan believes that he won the immunity task just by chance he did not had greed for the immunity anyway. Karan’s gang won the task and he showcases his effort too.

Ranvijay also got the chance to save his two gang members, but Kavya had to leave the show because of her muscle injury and indeed on her place another roadie join the game, who left the left the show in the midway and her name is Shivangi. After all this we have seen the survival task which was based on general knowledge there were many questions were asked from the gang members and those who failed to reply the same, he had to eat cockroach then.

It was very fun loving task every single member of gang even gang leaders also enjoyed the same. Roadies is having huge TRPS on the small screen and judges of the show is giving their best performances as judge anyway.

Precap: This week Roadies X4 will be having superb dancing performances, and the contestant will be also seen doing comedy. The job of the contestants will be to entertain the audience to get maximum point and for the immunity and who will be perform well till the need of the show; he will be having maximum points and will be also received immunity.

No need to mentions that in order to win the immunity task, the participant has to win the maximum points. Regarding this issue the contestants will be also seen doing some argument anyway. The panel judge member going to selects the person, who will be emerging as the winner.