Watch Video: Chinese man’s attempt at drinking chilli oil terribly misfires

China: People are mad to a get a celebrity status on the internet in a short span of time for doing things that do not make sense at all. The likes of Taher Shah and others are being followed by more people aspiring to be viral sensations on the social media. In the game of instant fame, people around the world are doing everything from the unintelligible to the bizarre, and they do often get themselves in a lot of trouble when such escapades misfire.


One such man from China thought that it will be a great idea to drink chilli oil on camera in order to prove his mettle and rise to fame as a celebrity. But it did not go according to his plan and he ended up in a hospital later.

He injured himself very brutally by drink the chilli oil. He can not speak a word right now. He damaged his tongue and the esophagus.

It is a lesson to him and those people who do stunt on the camera becoming a star on the internet world in a short span of time.

This seems to be another case of daredevilry turning out to be utter stupidity.

Watch the video here: