Watch Video: Sonam Kapoor’s speech campaigning for Hillary Clinton in USA(America)

Watch Video: Sonam Kapoor’s speech campaigning for Hillary Clinton in USA(America) : Everyone knew about the latest USA Presidential elections, Where tremendous fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the USA President post, While elections were eventually held on Tuesday and the decisions are scheduled to be declared on November 9.


Also, According to the source report’s, The campaigning for displaying the next President of USA has been running on for the preceding few weeks, and Various Hollywood actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, and Beyonce, and Madonna plus other stars have notoriously supported Hillary Clinton as their following president.

Furthermore, remarkable of our Bollywood stars have praised Hillary Clinton as the subsequent USA, president. While most of the Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, and Vidya Balan plus Rishi Kapoor support.

Nevertheless, Indian star, Priyanka Chopra, who has been in the USA shot for her Hollywood TV series and movie, chose not to take parties between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, however, did post a video advising Americans to vote and produce a diversity.


Such an honour to be given the opportunity to share my views on the U.S. 2016 elections…check out the full video of my speech on my app! #hillaryrodhamclinton #hillaryforpresident #MadamPresident

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Also, Sonam Kapoor is actually a global icon, Although Sonam has fully supported Hillary Clinton and not only in a makes crises turn at Cannes way, exactly supporters across the globe look up to her and the star was freshly invited by South Asians’ society in Phoenix, Arizona to drive for Hillary Clinton.

Hither is Sonam Kapoor’s speech at the function:


A great many people in America frequently overlook how much their political framework influences the lives of individuals everywhere throughout the world.

The consequences of your decision influence the lives of individuals everywhere throughout the world, including India, as much as our own will influence yours. That is the reason it is vital for you to vote and all the more critically to vote in favor of the right hopeful.

Also, utilize Gandhi’s words, An ideal approach to get yourself is to lose yourself in the administration of others and I can think about no hopeful that has encapsulated that excellence more magnanimously than Hillary Rodham Clinton.