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Watch Video : This is How Aishwarya Supports Salman Khan’s Rio Controversy

Watch Video : This is How Aishwarya Supports Salman Khan’s Rio Controversy : Well, few days before we confirmed that Salman Khan became the new Goodwill Ambassador of India in Rio Olympics who going to represent India in Rio Olympics and now that news is confirmed and became controversy after the news confirmed by the AIN.


After this news popped up suddenly everyone started talking about it and media asked the question about this controversy from every actors and we have few reaction of that.


After that news confirmed everybody started talking about the most popular actor Salman khan some says that it is good step and also on other hand few sports man started talking against it and that news became the controversy because now days even not just from now days from long whatever Salman do is became controversy.

Aishwarya said that she don’t think that it is a bad thing that representing India in Rio Olympics and if Salman is doing that or if he is becoming the Brand ambassador than this news is good for him and what else she said you can watch it in Video because her interview video going so popular on Youtube.

Also on the other hand Sidharth Malhotra also reacted on this controversy when a media person asked him about that controversy and he said that “It’s good if he is representing India well let’s see what happened next. That shows us how this news is became so controversial for the Salman as well as for the other actors also few sports man who don’t want that any Bollywood person represent India in Rio Olympics.

Actually every sports man wants that in Rio Olympics any sports man can represent India and that’s why he stand up against Salman Bhai well whatever happened in Future we going to make our eye on it.