Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 27th June 2016 Match Winners Results Hd Video

Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 27th June 2016 Match Winners Results Hd Video :- WWE is all set to heat up the another Monday night with their one of the most loved event RAW. They have made a habit of entertaining their fans all over the globe with their RAW event.


RAW is one of the most loved sports in the world irrespective of the age difference. Even though if I would remember my childhood, I mainly remember the names of Under Taker, Triple H and much more.


8/7 p.m. C


Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida


Viewers can watch all the matches on WWE Network.

Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose is in the mood of holding his the WWE Heavyweight Championship Title by thrashing the Seth Rollins and the Roman Reigns.

Ambrose had won this title in the last week WWE Money in the Bank event and he used that money to in the Bank Bag to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship and thus he claimed the title and became the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

While, the focus will be on the John Cena and the AJ Styles. . The question is here that Will John returns tonight to face the AJ Styles to beat him and to take the revenge for the defeat that he faced by the hands of AJ Styles in the WWE Money in the Bank event.

In the last match, AJ Styles has forced the John Cena to fight with the Karl Anderson and then Cena showed that who is the real time boss of WWE as he won that encounter.

But later AJ Styles joined hand with the Karl Anderson to beat John Cena. This will be interesting to see how John Cena will now face AJ Styles and who will be the new winner in their tussle.


Will John Cena again Face AJ Styles and defeat him?

Will Sasha Banks fight for WWE Women’s Champion?

Will The Wyatt Family beat The New Day with Cheat and face in another Match?

Will Sheamus beat Apollo Crews in this WWE Raw 27 June 2016?

Will Dean Ambrose call Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on Ambrose Asylum to sign for WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Title?

Now, it will be interesting to witness how Cena will face AJ Styles, especially last time defeat against him , which AJ Styles won by the cheating.

Stay tuned for the further updates.