Ways to Meet Big Decision Makers For Other Businesses

It’s a cold, hard fact: pitching your products to someone who does not have authority to make business decisions is a total waste of time. But more often than not, decision makers are elusive to marketers or they just don’t have the time to sit down and talk. Either way, it’s your job to reach these important people because they hold the key to your sale—and a big part of your business’ success. Here are some not-so-secret tricks to help you do it:

Doing Your Homework

Before reaching out to a decision maker, make sure that you have enough information about their company to convince them that you are worth their time. Researching about your prospect means checking their website, browsing through LinkedIn profiles and glancing at their social media platforms. This will give you the necessary information needed to pitch effectively and you will also get some idea on who you’re meeting and how you can approach them the right way.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

It’s a common scenario for decision makers to send someone else to interact with vendors before they decide who deserves their time. These people have a lot of things on their plate and they wouldn’t waste their precious time on someone they feel will not bring any value to their business. So, that’s exactly what you should remember. When you speak with a gatekeeper either on the phone or in person, always reflect a business-like attitude.

Answer questions briefly yet concisely so the gatekeeper knows that you’re also time-conscious like his boss. Don’t be rude, however, and always use words that are courteous and respectful. Gatekeepers are smart and sales-savvy, so they know people who are chitchatting their way into booking an appointment with their boss. By projecting importance, you will be taken more seriously and who knows, you could be put through to the decision maker right away.

Getting Social

Big decision makers are used to being flooded with emails, brochures and even social media messages from marketers trying to promote their products, and they can easily tune them out. But they like to attend events where they can get to know vendors that will add value to their business. By being part of a trade show, you get the opportunity to pitch your products to people who really matter and you need to make the most of this chance. For one, you can enlist some amazing rental trade show booths to make a great first impression.

Of course, you should also be prepared to present your product within a short span of time. Big decision makers usually go through every booth quickly, but if your pitch is good enough, they might stick around longer and you can even book a meeting with them.

Taking Advantage of Referrals

While doing your research, you might see some mutual connections between you and your prospect. This is a good chance for you to get a referral from people that the decision maker already knows because it helps build familiarity and trust. Before reaching out to your prospect, you can send an email to someone you know within his organization who can introduce you to the decision maker. An introduction is extremely useful because it turns your cold call into a warm one and gives you a better chance at getting an appointment with the big boss.

Standing Out

Chances are, you will be battling it out with other marketers just to get an appointment with a decision maker. So, how can you break from the clutter and actually get that meeting? It’s simple: be unique. Decision makers are used to salespeople plowing their way to them just to get a sale, and more often than not, they can shut you out right away.

But when you provide something that will be a benefit for them, they will take the time to listen to what you have to offer. Present something of value to them and provide them with useful insights that will be useful for their business. 

In the end, reaching the big decision makers doesn’t require you to be grand or fancy. In fact, these people are only looking for one thing from you, value, and that’s exactly what you should give them.