How your business can market itself on social media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, then you’ll know what social media is. 69 percent of American adults have at least one social media account with that number rising to 88 percent of those aged between 18 and 29.

Those figures are what makes it such a powerful tool. Social media can influence people in a way that few other mediums can to the point where, if you believe some of the stories, it can even swing elections.

The big question for your business then is are you making enough out of the opportunities available to you through social media? Being able to reach nearly 70 percent of the population with your company and message is something that our entrepreneurial forebearers could only dream of.

Here’s how your business can market itself on social media.

Build your channels early by establishing yourself as an industry expert

You might think that you need to wait until the launch of your glitzy new website or some other milestone in the digital presence of your business, but the opposite is actually true – you should launch your social media channels as early as possible, even before you’ve got an online e-commerce store or anything at all to sell.

Consumers are far more likely to buy from people they trust rather than those they like. Social media is a great way of gaining the trust of your followers as it allows you to position yourself as an industry expert.

Join in with conversations on Twitter to share your expertise for free. Post on Facebook about various issues surrounding your industry. By offering help and advice, you’ll quickly gain a reputation as a business who knows what they’re talking about which will make potential customers far more likely to part with their hard-earned cash when they require an expert.

Sponsored and promoted posts

Aside from the sheer numbers that you can reach, the most appealing aspect of a social media marketing strategy is that it is free. Or at least that is the theory – because like all good things in life, to make the most of social media you have to pay to get the best from it. Relying on organic traffic generated through likes and shares will only get you so far.

To reach those who have never heard of you before, you need to be prepared to fork out for sponsored and promoted posts which you pay Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to place on the timelines of those either in your local area or who are friends with somebody who already likes your business page.

You might think you don’t have the budget for this, but it costs only a minimal amount compared to traditional advertising and is a proven way of growing your brand, to the point where it can be worth looking at bad credit loans in order to fund an advertising campaign.

Build relationships with influencers

In 2017, 92 percent of marketers who used influencers found it to be a positive marketing influence. Essentially, you approach some of the most influential social media users and get them to help promote your business.

This is most effective on Instagram, and the best way to get these online celebrities onboard is by building relationships with them. Join in a conversation, help them out if they’re looking for advice and get your name known.