Wedding of the century: Lionel Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Wiki, Bio, Age

Wedding of the century: Lionel Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Wiki, Bio, Age: – Have you ever wonder what true love is? Our generation’s best Football player Lionel Messi is all ready to start a new life with his childhood friend. As you all know that since a long time a rumor is getting very viral that Lionel Messi is going to marry soon. Well, now you can say that this news is confirmed because the star Football player Lionel Messi just got married to a very beautiful and special girl of his life. Here is the reason why we are saying that this marriage is the best marriage of the century.

People always think that love is no more alive nowadays because everybody wanted to get famous and rich. Our star Football player Lionel Messi who is very popular among the whole world football fans is married to Antonella Roccuzzo, 29. Well, why we are saying that this is very beautiful marriage because they both know each other from childhood and they both have a different lifestyle now. Still, they both stayed committed and fall in love with each other.

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Also, they both took their friendship, love, and connection on another level where they both could be an example for other youngsters that love is possible. Today, when the Star Football player Lionel Messi Kissed the Bride he was looking very happy and fans were very excited about this marriage. Sources are saying that the whole Argentine is looking forward for this marriage. Not just Football fans even the whole world who knows this guy is talking about this marriage.

If we talk about the wedding night then we can say that the security was very tight overall 450 officers are protecting this marriage from any type of disturbance. Also, the Mobile phones are not allowed in this marriage even the guest stars didn’t bring any mobile phones.  Also, the Rosario is one of the most popular Hotels and Casino which is very expensive and beautiful. It is awesome to see this couple with their smiling faces and excitement.

Guests didn’t just come from the Argentine even the world’s most famous football players were there and being the witness of this marriage. More than 250 friends and family, including some of the football’s biggest names, were there. Also, the famous leading singer Shakira was there too. You can say that whole world is being the witness of this marriage lots of people came along with their friends and family to see their favorite superstar to getting married.

Also, some rumors came along that Messi’s mother is not ready happy for this marriage but Messi confirmed that it all is “Nonsense”. Even he said that the marriage is getting done by all positivity and pureness. We are sure that this marriage is going to set an example for big names and stars in this whole world.

Sources are saying that Lionel Messi always wanted to build an own chapel in the hotel so he could be married by a priest but Church refused his request because of some religion conditions and problems. Overall, This couple is married now and lots of people are emotional and feeling attached to this marriage.

Even some news is saying that Women Women guests were reportedly encouraged to bring three dresses to avoid clashes or repeats of clothes. Even the security was very tight so it is not easy to go out and in again and again. Also, the Messi is looking very good wearing a blue Armani suit, kissed his bride before caressing son Thiago’s hair. Even, Antonella Roccuzzo is also looking very beautiful in a traditional white dress of the bride.

This marriage is complete and I am sure that lots of female fans are little sad about this marriage because they had a crush on this Superstar. We all are praying and hoping that this marriage is always going to be as beautiful as it is now.