West Bengal Lok Sabha Elections Results 2019: Live Vote Counting, Party Winner Candidates List & Names

West Bengal Lok Sabha Elections Results 2019: Live Vote Counting, Party Winner Candidates List & Names: West Bengal is an Indian state which is located in the eastern region of the nation along the Bay of Bengal. The state is considered to be India’s fourth-most populous state with more than 91 million inhabitants (as of 2011). Lok Sabha Elections Result 2019

Talking about the Lok Sabha seats of West Bengal, the state has total number of 42 seats in the Lok Sabha, out of which 10 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 2 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes.  Not only Lok Sabha, but also West Bengal offers 16 seats in the Rajya Sabha.

West Bengal Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

West Bengal Lok Sabha Election 2019 was held on different phases that is from Phase 1 to Phase 7 on various different dates and these are as follows:

11th April 2019: Phase 1 for 2 seats

18 April 2019: Phase 2 for 3 seats

23 April 2019: Phase 3 for 5 seats

29 April 2019: Phase 4 for 8 seats

6 May 2019: Phase 5 for 7 seats

12 May 2019: Phase 6 for 8 seats

19 May 2019: Phase 7 for 9 seats

West Bengal Election Live Vote Counting Result Updates

West Bengal Lok Sabha Election 2019 was held from Phase 1 to Phase 7 on various different dates and the result for the same is going to be announced on 23 May 2019. It will be a face war to see who is going to win in West Bengal elections after a big clash of BJP and Congress party, till then we have to wait for the final results to see the winner.

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Here is the list of West Bengal Election Voter turnout and as comparison to the 2014 Lok Sabha Election, turnout in some Constituencies has been Increased and in some Constituencies it has Decreased. Let’s have a look….

No. Constituency Turnout
1 Cooch Behar 83.88 (Increase)
2 Alipurduars 83.71 (Increase)
3 Jalpaiguri 86.44 (Increase)
4 Darjeeling 78.71 (Decrease)
5 Raiganj 79.61 (Decrease)
6 Balurghat 83.61 (Decrease)
7 Maldaha Uttar 80.28 (Decrease)
8 Maldaha Dakshin 81.01 (Increase)
9 Jangipur 80.69 (Increase)
10 Baharampur 79.41 (Increase)
11 Murshidabad 84.33 (Decrease)
12 Krishnanagar 83.77 (Decrease)
13 Ranaghat 84.18 (Decrease)
14 Bangaon 82.63 (Decrease)
15 Barrackpur 76.92 (Decrease)
16 Dum Dum 76.88 (Decrease)
17 Barasat 81.19 (Decrease)
18 Basirhat 85.42 (Increase)
19 Joynagar 82.26 (Increase)
20 Mathurapur 84.85 (Decrease)
21 Diamond Harbour 81.90 (Increase)
22 Jadavpur 78.34 (Decrease)
23 Kolkata Dakshin 69.65 (Increase)
24 Kolkata Uttar 65.74 (Decrease)
25 Howrah 74.78 (Increase)
26 Uluberia 81.16 (Decrease)
27 Serampore 78.48 (Decrease)
28 Hooghly 82.47 (Decrease)
29 Arambagh 83.41 (Decrease)
30 Tamluk 85.32 (Decrease)
31 Kanthi 85.79 (Decrease)
32 Ghatal 82.70 (Decrease)
33 Jhargram 85.47 (Increase)
34 Medinipur 84.13 (Decrease)
35 Purulia 82.28 (Increase)
36 Bankura 83.14 (Increase)
37 Bishnupur 87.36 (Increase)
38 Bardhaman Purba 84.75 (Decrease)
39 Bardhaman-Durgapur 82.60 (Decrease)
40 Asansol 76.62 (Decrease)
41 Bolpur 85.70 (Increase)
42 Birbhum 85.28 (Decrease)

West Bengal Lok sabha election constituency wise result

The Constituencies of West Bengal comprises of Cooch Behar, Alipurduars, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Raiganj, Balurghat, Maldaha Uttar, Maldaha Dakshin, Jangipur, Baharampur, Murshidabad, Krishnanagar, Ranaghat, Bangaon, Barrackpur, Dum Dum, Barasat, Basirhat, Jaynagar, Mathurapur, Diamond Harbour, Jadavpur, Kolkata Dakshin, Kolkata Uttar, Howrah, Uluberia, Srerampur, Hooghly, Arambag, Tamluk, Kanthi, Ghatal, Jhargram, Medinipur, Purulia, Bankura, Bishnupur, Bardhaman Purba, Bardhaman–Durgapur, Asansol, Bolpur, Birbhum.

West Bengal general Election Results 2019 Party wise

The major parties who have took part in West Bengal general Election 2019 comprised of All India Trinamool Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress and Left Front. The result of West Bengal general Election is going to be announced on 23 May 2019.

Loksabha Chunav Parinam 2019

West Bengal Opinion Poll 2019, Exit Polls Results & Latest News Survey

Here is the constituency Wise West Bengal Lok Sabha Election Results 2014:

Constituency Name Category Winning Candidate Winning Party
Cooch Behar (SC) Renuka Sinha AITC
Alipurduars (SC) Dasrath Tirkey AITC
Jalpaiguri (SC) Bijoy Chandra Barman AITC
Darjeeling GEN S.S.Ahluwalia BJP
Raiganj GEN Md. Salim CPM
Balurghat GEN Arpita Ghosh AITC
Maldaha Uttar GEN Mausam Noor INC
Maldaha Dakshin GEN Abu Hashem Khan Chowdhury INC
Jangipur GEN Abhijit Mukherjee INC
Baharampur GEN Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury INC
Murshidabad GEN Badaruddoza Khan CPM
Krishnanagar GEN Tapas Paul AITC
Ranaghat (SC) Tapas Mandal AITC
Bangaon (SC) Kapil Krishna Thakur AITC
Barrackpore GEN Dinesh Trivedi AITC
Dum Dum GEN Saugata Roy AITC
Barasat GEN Dr. Kakali Ghoshdostidar AITC
Basirhat GEN Idris Ali AITC
Joynagar (SC) Pratima Mondal AITC
Mathurapur (SC) Choudhury Mohan Jatua AITC
Diamond Harbour GEN Abhishek Banerjee AITC
Jadavpur GEN Sugata Bose AITC
Kolkata Dakshin GEN Subrata Bakshi AITC
Kolkata Uttar GEN Sudip Bandyopadhyay AITC
Howrah GEN Prasun Banerjee AITC
Uluberia GEN Sultan Ahmed AITC
Serampore GEN Kalyan Banerjee AITC
Hooghly GEN Dr. Ratna De (Nag) AITC
Arambagh (SC) Aparupa Poddar (Afrin Ali) AITC
Tamluk GEN Adhikari Suvendu AITC
Kanthi GEN Adhikari Sisir Kumar AITC
Ghatal GEN Adhikari Deepak (Dev) AITC
Jhargram (ST) Uma Saren AITC
Medinipur GEN Sandhya Roy AITC
Purulia GEN Dr. Mriganka Mahato AITC
Bankura GEN Sreemati Dev Varma (Moon Moon Sen) AITC
Bishnupur (SC) Khan Saumitra AITC
Bardhaman Purba (SC) Sunil Kumar Mondal AITC
Bardhaman-Durgapur GEN Dr. Mamtaz Sanghamita AITC
Asansol GEN Babul Supriya Baral (Babul Supriyo) BJP
Bolpur (SC) Anupam Hazra AITC
Birbhum GEN Satabdi Roy AITC

 Here is the constituency Wise West Bengal Lok Sabha Election Results 2019:

Well, the result of West Bengal Lok Sabha Election 2019 is yet to be announced on 23 May 2019, till then we will give you all the updates regarding the West Bengal Lok Sabha Election Results 2019.

Constituency Name Category Winning Candidate Winning Party
Cooch Behar (SC)
Alipurduars (SC)
Jalpaiguri (SC)
Darjeeling GEN
Raiganj GEN
Balurghat GEN
Maldaha Uttar GEN
Maldaha Dakshin GEN
Jangipur GEN
Baharampur GEN
Murshidabad GEN
Krishnanagar GEN
Ranaghat (SC)
Bangaon (SC)
Barrackpore GEN
Dum Dum GEN
Barasat GEN
Basirhat GEN
Joynagar (SC)
Mathurapur (SC)
Diamond Harbour GEN
Jadavpur GEN
Kolkata Dakshin GEN
Kolkata Uttar GEN
Howrah GEN
Uluberia GEN
Serampore GEN
Hooghly GEN
Arambagh (SC)
Tamluk GEN
Kanthi GEN
Ghatal GEN
Jhargram (ST)
Medinipur GEN
Purulia GEN
Bankura GEN
Bishnupur (SC)
Bardhaman Purba (SC)
Bardhaman-Durgapur GEN
Asansol GEN
Bolpur (SC)
Birbhum GEN