West Bengal to be renamed ‘Bangla’, awaits Union Home Ministry approval

West Bengal to be renamed ‘Bangla’, awaits Union Home Ministry approval: Two years after a resolution is all set to reportedly, alter when its name was approved, but now the West Bengal state assembly has on Thursday passed a bill officially which also accept the modification in the West Bengal, the state’s name from the West Bengal in Bengali, Hindi and English.

The assembly passed a resolution to call the state Bangla in Bengali, Bengal in English and Bangal in Hindi, On August 29, 2016. Though, It was rejected by the Central Home Ministry for the various times.

The state has been pushing to modify the name which will be appearing at the top in alphabetical sequence of state names.

The movement gathered more fierce post the West Bengal, Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, came into power in 2011 and discovered that West Bengal appeared at the bottom of the list.

Reportedly, this irked the CM whenever she had to meet with the Union ministry, she get chance to speak about this in the last time.

The new proposal come to alter the name to Bangla in all the three languages, doing away with the number of names that some people felt would cause massive confusion.

On September 8, 2017, the changed name was tabled in a resolution

the bill will be passed to the Union Home Ministry, With the Trinamool Congress government’s approval, who will have to sign off for the bill to become law.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is hopeful to the green light the bill, because this will be unifies the name of the state in all languages, which was a major reservation at the previous times.


If the state officially changes its name, then West Bengal can come in the line with Mamata’s ‘Biswa Bangal’ programme that has been looking to revamp the state which will be also making it better place to attract tourists and investments and then the state West Bengal can turn to be tourist attraction hub anyway in the coming days.