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What effect did the internet have on businesses


In 1990, when the World Wide Web was introduced to the world, many didn’t have a clue as to how much it would evolve and become an integral part of our everyday life. With improvements in technology as well as internet providers, the possible applications increased exponentially with a whole new type of business being established.

One benefit that the internet brings to businesses is convenience. No longer do consumers have to rely on traditional brick and mortar establishments. This means the online business can potentially reach a larger market as well. Online casinos are an example of this as they have helped to increase access to casino gambling. Many people who have never set foot in a land based casino are frequent visitors to online casinos.

Communication is another area that has improved thanks to the internet. Businesses now have more options to communicate with customers. Of course, email is an option but many providers are now offering online chat options. Customers simply log on to the site and are connected with an online representative. Online giant Amazon has implemented this customer service option with huge success.

Developing a business online is traditionally cheaper with less overhead costs. This is one of the appealing benefits of becoming a virtual entrepreneur. These reduced costs can also translate to lower prices or service rates to the customer such as one can find at the site, Overstock.com. As a result, it is possible to expand one’s market easily.

Social media has also have a significant effect on businesses. The internet made the world a little bit smaller with consumers being able to provide reviews about businesses. Social media has also provided inexpensive ways in which to market a business while reaching many people. Many businesses today have Facebook or Twitter accounts to reach their customers.

The internet has positively impacted the way in which companies now do business online.  These changes benefit not only the business but make life much easier for consumers.