What Happened to Alexander Kardalian? Miley Cyrus granted Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Who is Alexander Kardalian? Miley Cyrus gets restraining order against alleged stalker who broke into her home just days after prison release. Cyrus, who recently revealed that her 2014 tour didn’t make money, also stated that Kardalian has continuously been sending unwanted letters expressing his infatuation with her since 2018. Miley Cyrus has secured a court-issued protective order against her alleged stalker, Alexander Kardalian.

What Happened to Alexander Kardalian?

This news, reported by TMZ on September 28, 2023, states that the 30-year-old singer included in her legal documents that Alexander Kardalian, a 52-year-old individual, showed up at her home shortly after being released from prison. In the legal document, Cyrus claimed that he has repeatedly made requests for money, along with making sexually suggestive comments. Furthermore, the singer conveyed heightened worry regarding Kardalian’s “persistent conduct,” especially during the previous summer when he allegedly trespassed at her Los Angeles residence without an invitation on two distinct occasions. The singer known for “Permanent December” claimed that Alexander Kardalian was arrested in December 2022 and served a prison sentence at San Quentin State Prison until his release in August.

What Happened to Alexander Kardalian?

Cyrus stated that shortly after his release, Kardalian reportedly returned to her property just a few days later. In a letter he sent, he allegedly indicated his intention to visit her residence immediately after leaving prison. Despite his efforts, her security team intervened during his visits, preventing any contact with the singer, and promptly notifying the authorities about the situation. Cyrus asserted that she explicitly cautioned her alleged stalker about the possibility of being arrested if he returned to her residence, a warning he ultimately ignored. Furthermore, Cyrus stated that Kardalian had been using her home address for matters related to health insurance. Miley Cyrus has expressed profound concerns for her safety, as well as the safety of her mother Tish and her new boyfriend Maxx Morando.

In her legal documentation, the artist asserted that her alleged stalker was dealing with “severe mental health issues” and exhibited what she described as a “dangerous fixation and/or obsession” with her life. A judge granted the request, imposing strict measures that prohibit Kardalian from any type of contact with her. According to the court order, he must stay away from her musical or public appearances, maintaining a distance of at least 100 yards from the singer, her residence, vehicle, and any venues where she performs.

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