What Happened To Joseph Sonnier? Who Hired To Kill Doctor? Reason Explained!

What Happened To Joseph Sonnier? Who Hired To Kill Doctor? Reason Explained!:- This news is totally about Dr. Joseph Sonnier who was found dead in Texas at his home. This case was a mystery for a long time but a call solved this case. If you wondering what this news is all about so don’t worry we have shared detailed information about this news. As we said this case was solved by a call just after some days after the incident. This call said that his roommate David Shepard has killed a person in the area police started investigating this case and they found many things which are mentioned below.

What Happened To Joseph Sonnier Who Hired To Kill Doctor Reason Explained

What Happened With Joseph Sonnier?

A man Paul Reynolds contacted the police and gave him information that his roommate David Shepard has killed someone in the area when Police asked him so he confessed to his crime and also said that Dr. Thomas Michale Dixon paid him for this crime and he gave him the three silver bars and a box of expensive Cuban Cigars. But when he was sent for the trial he changed his story and said that Thomas has nothing with this case as he killed him and he doesn’t know him. The trial was then ended in a hung jury and tried again.

Joseph Sonnier’s Murder

In 2015 he was charged with two counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison without any bail. But in 2018 the decision was changed by the 7th District court in Texas and the court set his bail at $2 million he paid the amount quickly and was released from jail. In 2020 the seventh court again sends him behind the bars and he will be in the prison for his entire life. Now he is again trying to get the trial from the court.

It’s been said that he killed him because of jealousy as Sonnier has a girlfriend named Richelle Shetina and he too had an affair with her in 2010 and he doesn’t want to see them together. This case is now going to schedule for EST on 13th August 2022 at 9 pm. The episode of this case will also involve Becky Shurbet & Nathan Gilmore who found his body in the home. If you want to see the episode of this case so you can see the episode on Hulu & Peacock in this episode you will get to know the entire story of the case. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Entertainment, and many more.

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