What Happened To Miranda Soto? TikTok Star Met an Accident With Boyfriend Instagram Video Goes Viral

Hundreds of prayers on the Internet can be seen after a popular personality of  TikTok was involved in a horrific car crash that led her and her boyfriend to the hospital. Yes, we are talking about a famous TikTok star who has been identified as Miranda Soto met an accident with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, no one was badly injured in the accident but Soto’s boyfriend was hospitalized due to his injuries. The reports say that he is out of danger and currently, his health is stable. If you want to know how did it happen and what was the reason behind this, keep reading this article.

What Happened To Miranda Soto?

According to the sources, the news of the incident went out after Miranda Soto came live from her TikTok account and explained the details of the incident. Later, the live went viral on social media as many people recorded it and shared it on other platforms so, everyone could know about this mishappening. Along with this, many social media users allege that she also mentioned her boyfriend who has been identified as Cristian Ramirez, being in surgery in one of her videos. Let us tell you that the video has been deleted from social media. Miranda discussed his health in any of the videos.

What Happened To Miranda Soto?

As per several social media users claimed that Miranda Soto and her friends were driving the car while drinking and then fled the scene. Well, there were no reports or comments from the authorities as to what happened during the accident or if the duo was drinking, however, in her live on TikTok, she can be seen in the hospital with her mother. Since the live video of her went viral and people got to know about the incident, they started to pray for her boyfriend who is in stable condition now.

Born as Miranda Soto in 2004, she rose her fame on TikTok after creating multiple lip-sync and dance videos on the platform. She started to post her videos in 2019 and gained millions of followers across the world within the first few years. Along with this, Miranda also posted videos with her boyfriend which also gained the attraction of people.

Later, she owns Miranduh’s Cosmetics, which is quite popular among her followers as she claims it is a one-stop shop for daily needs. During her live, she said,” It’s pretty bad. And I’m literally lucky, that it’s not that big. Like I just had a couple of stitches here and there and my arm hurts. My back hurts”.

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