What Instagram is All About?

Instagram is the trendiest thing today. It has been around for few years now and its all because of obsession for mobile photography. It is a social media platform to share photos and videos.


It is quote similar to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter except for the fact that it is just for sharing photos and videos. Everyone on Instagram has a profile and news feed. Just like Facebook, any update from you or whom you follow will be shared in the news feed.

It is quite simple and straightforward visual sharing platform. You can interact with other users by following them, commenting on their posts or direct messaging them.

The app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Creating an account here on Instagram is similar to other social media. It’s better to complete your bio before you start following people. They would like to know who you are.

Instagram as Social Media

As mentioned earlier, it is a photo and video sharing. It has followers and following accounts. The followers are the people who follow you and following are the accounts whom you follow. There are two modes for the profile. In the private mode, users request to follow you whereas in public account, your post is visible to everyone on Instagram.

If you want to add more followers to your account, you can either search through their ID or buy followers on insta.

Editing the Posts and Applying Filters

Instagram has come a long way to develop new features. Initially, it was just photo posting platform, but now you can share both photos and videos. You can post directly from your gallery of the phone. It has upto 25 filters which beautify your photos and videos. Now you can also use the editing options to put in the caption or make adjustments.

Sharing the Posts

After applying the filters and editing the photos or videos, you can add the caption to the post and tag people and location. Once it is published, it will be available in the news feed and visible to your followers. It can be linked to other social media platforms for direct post there as well.

Instagram Stories

Instagram launched this service recently and it appears in the top of the app. It is a temporary news feed which is available for 24 hours. This feature is quite similar to Snapchat. You can publish your own stories and there are a plenty of options available to choose from.

Organizing the Hashtags

You can add up to 30 tags in a single post. This certainly increases your reach to a wider audience. You can research well about the hash tags ahead of the post. Hack here is to post the hashtags in the comments section instead of the post which makes it look ugly.

Instagram has its own set of features and capabilities. The above were the few points to get the most out of the queen of social media.