What is ISRO PSLV-C45/ EMISAT Mission & Why It is Important?

What is ISRO PSLV-C45/ EMISAT Mission & Why It is Important?: Reports are coming that the Indian Space Research Organization on Monday has done one of a kind development in the area of space. Sources are saying that the ISRO has put Emisat — an electronic intelligence satellite for the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It is a great working experience and the ISRO has put the 28 other foreign satellites into orbit in a copybook style.

What is EMISAT and its Purpose of launch?

You all should know that India has successfully put into orbit 297 foreign satellites to date. We think that things are going to be great for Indian Space development. Also, you all should know that the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket has put into orbit nation’s 46 satellites. Also, you all should know that including 10 satellites built by students from Indian universities has been put out in the orbit.

EMISAT can bolster India’s surgical strike capability

You all should know that these space missions are quite interesting. The space agency’s Chairman K. Sivan said: “Today the PSLV has successfully injected the ISRO-made Emisat satellite into its intended orbit and 28 customer satellites at a 504-km altitude.” Overall, it is a huge achievement from India’s point of view and the world is going to be shocked after seeing this type of achievements.

The main capability of EMISAT is in signal intelligence — intercepting signals broadcasted by communication systems, radars, and other electronic systems. The Ka-band frequency that EMISAT is sensitive to, allows the 436-kg EMISAT — India’s newest spy in the sky — to scan through ice, rain, coastal zones, land masses, forests and wave heights with ease.

Foreign satellites on-board:

  • As many as 28 small foreign co-passenger satellites will also travel to space with it, but to a lower orbit at 504 km.
  • They include 24 small satellites from the U.S., the other four customers are from Lithuania, Spain and Switzerland.

India space launch: One rocket, 29 satellites, three orbits

The Indian space agency places domestic and foreign satellites in three orbits on a single flight.

Also, he added, “The mission is special for the ISRO on many counts as it was the first time a PSLV rocket was launched with four strap-on motors; the mission has three different orbits for the very first time; the fourth stage was made an orbital platform for experiments, and there was also a new team for the PSLV.” You all should know that the space agency is still working on some new projects. Forty-seven seconds after the launch, the Emisat was ejected at an altitude of about 753 km.

Many First In The Launch:

  1. First time ISRO is launching satellites in three different orbits.
  2. The PSLV-C45 launch vehicle is also the first PSLV rocket to use four strap-on motors. The four strap-on motor rockets are from the PSLV-QL range.
  3. This is the first time it has been envisaged to provide a microgravity environment for research organizations and academic institutes to perform experiments.
  4. The PSLV-C45 is also the first launch to use solar panels to make the fourth stage last longer in orbit. Using the solar panels in the fourth stage, the PSLV can provide power to attached payloads almost indefinitely.
  5. PSLV-C45: First Launch Vehicle to Use Solar Propulsion.

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