What Is Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant All Details Explanation & Public Reaction

The most popular and advanced technological electronic device manufacturing company Samsung has expected that they will come with the brand new assistant and the news of this new assistant comes forward after illustration studio Lightfarm bestowed pictures of a virtual figure known as Sam. In the post which was deleted by the company in that the Lightfarm Studios proclaimed various passes of a virtual assistant known as Sam for Samsung Galaxy and after publishing this news the post gets deleted by the company but the post gets viral all over the internet with higher speed. In the post, it is declared that Samsung is reinstating Bixby and now, they will come with a new virtual assistant and all the netizens reacted on the post and all the reaction and review of the news is mentioned below.

What Is Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant All Details Explanation & Public Reaction

Who is Virtual Assistant Sam

The illustration studio Lightfarm Studios published news where they present the plan for the Samsung Galaxy’s virtual assistant which carries the name of Sam but later they deleted the post and characterising social media posts. In the post, they released various pictures of the virtual figure and the netizens and people loved the theme and react to the pots with the company’s new idea and also reviews the new virtual assistant. The post which gets deleted by the company is that during the method, the company dedicated itself to producing graphic elements, principally for the figure’s hair and dressing, so that Sam seemed aesthetically pleasant. Sam was an unbelievable connection amongst the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are excited to be a member of this plan.

Now, the Samsung company still not shared any information regarding this new virtual assistant that it is true or not and as we all know that the Samsung company was planning to releases its new AI-generated virtual assistant known as NEON in the last year but this assistant was not in the Samsung Galaxy S21 and on other Galaxy devices. After posting the news the Netizens took the screenshot of the post which gets deleted later and she on their personal social media handles to inform others about the company’s new virtual assistant.

Who is Lightfarm

Talking about the company then the Lightfarm Studios is an optical arts production house which is based in Rio de Janeiro and the other offices are in Melbourne, Singapore and São Paulo. On their official website, they described themselves as the expert in optical communication and design in advertising photography, animation, 3D content, image manipulation, real-time content (VR and AR), video editing along post-production. The company is the most popular company in these criteria and surely this partnership will go to another level with their new idea, now, let’s see when the new virtual assistant Sam will come in the Samsung Galaxy device, Stay tuned with us.

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